Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10 for Tuesday.

1.  Maybe this is not new to everyone else, but a while ago my sister told me that her kids really like a show called ‘Charlie and Lola’ and she recommended it for my kids.  It’s fabulous!  We were immediate converts to it.  You see, it has a lot of great qualities.  First and best of all, Charlie and Lola who are (older) brother and (younger) sister, are ALWAYS so nice to each other.  There is no snarkiness, no rudeness, no fights.  On the contrary, they often are trying to help each other.  Secondly, it’s REALLY funny.  Quite often hilarious.  Even for grown-ups.  Thirdly, they speak with English accents—gotta love that.  Ethne talks like Lola a lot now.  Fourthly, {one of} the actors who voices Charlie is named Jethro.  Okay, that may not be a really big point for everyone, but it was cool for us when we noticed it.  Oh, and another good thing, the segments are only about 10 minutes long, so you can let your kids have a show, but they’re not glued to the t.v./computer for a long time. And there are a ton of episodes on youtube.   Go check it out.   image

2.  Brett told me that one morning when he woke up (early) and came into the front room, Talmage was sitting on the couch looking at a book, and he looked up at Brett and said, “Loo.”  I LOVE that kid!  I love it when he greets people with a “loo.”  Cutest thing ever.

3.  One day Ethne was playing with a pad of paper and a pen.  For some reason she was standing near the door of the bedroom when Jethro came out.  She continued busily scribbling on her notebook, and without looking up said in a business-like tone, “Jethro, you’re fired.”  It was sooo funny.  Jethro and I laughed and laughed.

4.  It’s annoying when there is no food in the fridge because you haven’t gone to the grocery store in a long time.  Today I had the kids eat leftover oatmeal from breakfast for lunch so that we could save the bread for dinner for beans on bread.  Tomorrow I really need to go to the store.

5.  The other night Brett said that he was going to go back to school and become a doctor.  A medical doctor this time.  I said, “Okay, let’s go to a school somewhere in the Caribbean.”  Only later did I think to ask him why he said that, and he told me because a doctor can live anywhere.  They need doctors in small towns and big cities, so you can basically pick where to go.

6.  One time I was cooking some bacon or ham and Hazel said, “I like ham.  It’s even better than turkey.”  So I told her about our good friends who just moved to Abu Dhabi where it’s nigh unto impossible to get any kind of pork, and she said, “I’m glad I don’t live there.”  Amen.

7.  If I ever had a pet in the house (which is extremely unlikely), I would get a hedgehog.  I think they’re so cute!  In German they’re called igels (pronounced ‘eagle’).

image image

8.  My buddy Blake, Brett’s younger brother, is getting married on the 27th of this month!  I’m SOOO super excited for him, but sad for me not getting to be there.  Another wedding missed.  Sniff sniff.  And I haven’t even met Julia!  (Though I’ve certainly heard a lot about her.)  :)image

But they look perfect for each other, wouldn’t you agree?  Here’s another one, not so… orange.


9.  In German, the word ‘brett’ means ‘board.’  As in plank, or cutting board.  Often when Brett introduces himself people think his name is Brad.  In fact, our good friend thought that for some few…many months.  :)

10.  I made gingersnaps today.  Gingersnaps aren’t usually my favorite, but man they perfectly hit the spot today!  I made a little glaze for the top, and I can’t stop eating them.  They make your house smell nice and cozy too.  (These are not my cookies, but pretty much what mine looked like, except mine had a thinner glaze.)image

The end.

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