Tuesday, September 14, 2010


10 of my favorite things to eat:
1. Toasted tomato sandwiches. With bacon if you have bacon and feel up to it, or just plain. Homemade white bread, lots of butter, salt, and pepper. I could eat this every day of my life and never tire. Along with my mom.
2. Fresh, ripe, juicy fruit- in particular, peaches, strawberries, grapes, clementines, etc.
3. Fresh, young, flavorful corn on the cob.
4. Tuscan soup, or zuppa tuscana. Either from Olive Garden or homemade. Equally delicious. This is what Jethro will say if you ask him what his favorite food is, and he has said it since he was about 3 I believe. I think it's because when I was pregnant with him I ate so much of this soup in one sitting that I threw up. Then I wanted more. (Go here for a fabulous recipe, but for goodness sake add more potatoes than the recipe calls for. And we always use spinach instead of kale, but I like kale too.)
5. Icecream, generally mixed with milk into a slushy shake, particularly mint choc. chip or burnt almond fudge or cookies and cream or peppermint. But I'll also be happy with neapolitan.
6. Kebabs, or gyros- same idea.
7. Chocolate, in many forms, including my mom's homemade fudge. When I was young I used to melt some butter in a mug, add some cocoa and icing sugar to make a fudge-like concoction, and store it in the deep freeze hidden somewhere so I could come take bites out of it when I wanted to.
8. My grandma's mutton stew. Beef stew is also good, but it never quite reaches the heights that my grandma's mutton stew did. I even wrote a poem about my grandma's mutton stew once. It was a good one.
9. Crepes with cream cheese and chokecherry syrup.
10. Ackkk-- I can't decide, so many different things vying for a spot-- it's impossible to decide-- aaaaahh, dying here-- how about a hoagie stacked with everything good including ham, turkey, mayo, tomatoes (obviously), lettuce, dill pickles, onions, cheese. That's my family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner and I love it. I'm glad I decided on that. It's a good choice.

And I'll leave you with my favorite recipe for brownies ever. They are chewy, chocolately goodness- nothing like the cocoa-ey tasting, clay-textured stuff that you make with a store-bought mix, which personally I think is quite nasty. Although that's not to say that I wouldn't eat a large portion if it were in front of me. ANYWAY. This recipe came from my grandma, so it has stood the test of time and you can be sure it's good. But you trusted it was good anyway, just because I told you so, right?

4 sq. unsweetened chocolate (I just use 4 Tbsp. cocoa)
2/3 cup butter/marg
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup chopped nuts (I usually don't use a whole cup, but don't leave them out, because the walnuts in the brownies are really really good!)
Melt chocolate and butter together. In another bowl beat eggs and sugar till light and fluffy. Mix in chocolate. Add flour, salt, and baking powder and mix. Add nuts.
Bake in greased 9X13 pan for 30 minutes. (The sides may rise, and if you're OCD or presenting the brownies somewhere, you can trim them to make it all even, but I personally find them to be the best part.)
Frost with a normal chocolate buttercream frosting (butter, icing sugar, cream, dash of salt, you know).



Rachael said...

I should not have read this when I'm hungry. Bad move.

So with the zuppa toscana, do you find that the spinach goes too limp? I've always used kale because spinach seems to get a little slimier and doesn't hold up as well as the kale--at least in other hot stir-in-greens dishes. Is the spinach a matter of taste preference?

And I'm with you on tomato sandwiches. I don't even care if they're toasted. I just really love tomatoes and bread. Maybe a little hummus or guacamole if I'm feeding someone else, but I am happy with pure unadulterated tomatoes.

One thing I didn't see on your list--Nutella! And chewy European bread. Mmm. With really good cheese that's melted into the hot bread...

Kirsta and Morian said...

I LOVE toasted tomato sandwiches too! (you just toast the bread and put tomatoes on it right?!) I also like to add pickles! And I LOVE corn on the cob! Yum! Man, I'm hungry for some of that now and don't have it. Bummer!

Kayli said...

Rachael, I think I've always used spinach because I used a different recipe for the soup first that called for spinach. Then when I saw the recipe that calls for kale, I tried it and really really liked it, for the reason you mentioned, but Brett likes spinach better. Not sure why. But I add the spinach after I take it off the heat and it doesn't do too bad if it's good fresh spinach.

jessica said...


ok!! my family does hoagie sandwiches for Christmas Eve dinner too, and Brian and his parents (and most of his family) thought we were so weird for that!! Obviously they don't know its your tradition too, or maybe they do and think you guys are weird too. ;)
i love it!

jessica said...

oh ya...and #1....so tasty! but mayo instead of butter....mmmm

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