Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First shoot with my new camera.

I’m officially in love with my camera.  Truly madly deeply.  It makes such a huge difference!!!  (I almost want to apologize to anyone I took pictures for with my old camera!)   I just wish I was pro already.  For instance, I think my skin tones are off in a lot of these… And I wish I had photoshop and already knew how to use it, etc. etc.  BUUUUUT, here is my first time taking the camera out on the town (well, besides some roses). 

I think you’ll notice that my model was very very super cute.  IMGP0300 IMGP0319 IMGP0324 IMGP0350 IMGP0353 IMGP0355   IMGP0366



IMGP0435     IMGP0457    IMGP0493

IMGP0463  IMGP0496  Love the faintest hint of a grin.IMGP0509  She’s really cute.IMGP0511 And then, here are some I took really quickly by my window.  When I first looked through these, I almost died.IMGP0539

IMGP0548    IMGP0556

IMGP0549 IMGP0565 IMGP0566 The end.


Andrea said...

Amazing pics. Hazel is a beauty queen. Come to Utah immediately and take a bunch of pics of my kids in all the gorgeous fall foliage. You must. You really must.

Rachael said...

Hazel is so lovely! So share with us the details about new camera--what kind is it?

So speaking of pictures you took with your old camera, I have been putting off taking family pictures since those ones you took 2 years ago, because I've never had pictures (including my wedding!) that I loved so much. But now that Isaac is 15 months old we really should update...I actually thought today, "Maybe I can convince Neil that we need to go to Europe for some reason and I can ask Kayli to take some pictures."

I think it's your talent, not just the camera. :-) You have such a great eye!

Kami said...

WOW!!! (I'm speechless!)

nicole said...

the professional emerges. I love, love, love the composition and pretty much everything about the third picture. I love the flower in her hair and behind her. Brilliant! I'm excited for you. =)

Kristi said...

lovely. the girl, and the pictures! you have some talent!

Christal said...

these are awesome what kind of camera did you get???

Tracy said...

The shape of Hazel's eyes is amazing! Beautiful pictures, beautiful subject!

Katrina said...

love the last one the most. great shot!

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