Monday, September 13, 2010

And Brett.

So, here’s a bit of a follow-up to this post, where you saw me through the years. Now we can watch Brett grow before our eyes. It’s fun, because he gets handsomer and handsomer. And you can analyze whether our kids look more like him or me. (I think Jethro, Hazel, and Talmage look just like him, but Ethne doesn’t look like either of us.)

Little guy in cute pajamas.cbrett



Brett, Bryan, and Blake. Cute brothers. (Brett also has three older sisters. Just so you know.)After bath Bry-6,Brett-4,Blake-2 This picture is so cute.f

Okay, I couldn’t resist putting up some pictures of the kids to compare. What do you think? Twins or what!gDSCF1113

His expression is so funny here. :)hBlake, Brett, and Bryan again. So cute. I don’t think they look anything like each other.with brothers The brothers. But look at Brett compared to this picture of Hazel though. EXACTLY the same face shape!! Chin, cheeks, mouth all the same- eyes the same too! Where did my genes go?!DSCF2513

Brett affectionately calls this hairdo the side-spike. j Oooh, an even more flashy side-spike. Is this the man I married? Really? What a cutie.k

This picture is so so funny to me. I think it was a Christmas morning and he’s showing off his new boots and pistol. But oh- it just screams adolescence. Pure gangliness! Ha ha.with pistol Looking like he filled in a bit. l

If I had picked other pictures of Brett, rather than mainly school pictures, you would notice that he had an affinity for large hats. Interesting.skis

On his mission- I think maybe his first day. His mission pictures are a puzzle to me because I met him very shortly after he got home from his mission, but he looked like almost a completely different guy than his mission pictures. I think he gained a little weight on his mission, and also the no-facial hair thing makes him look way way younger.first mission pic Aha! HERE is the handsome dude I married. Mighty fine. (and p.s. Talmage now wears the shirt that Jethro is wearing in this picture.)family12-03

I really really really love this picture of Brett.Final__3 Out of all the pictures I’ve taken of Brett, there wasn’t a “professional” one in the lot- so when he needed a picture to put on his report (not sure exactly what it was) he photoshopped me out of this one, so only he showed. It made me feel very devastated, being erased from his side like that. Brett I told you he only gets handsomer and handsomer. Lucky me. :)DSCF6152

The end.


Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

the pic where he has his flashy side spike he reminds me of michael j fox. back to the future style. just fyi :)

Andrea said...

Kate, I have no clue why you think Brett and Jethro are identical. Brett and Hazel--yes. Very, very similar. Brett and Jethro . . . not so much. As for Ethne. Are you kidding me??? She looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU. You're a weirdo.

And so is Mom for thinking Cowen looks just like Dallin Sommerfeldt, and so is everyone who thinks Miriam looks like me because she has red hair, and so is everyone else who has opinions on these things.

Have a night.

PS Can you believe Emeline is turning four??? That means Ethne and Elena are turning four. That means our threesome is getting older. Sigh.

Anonymous said...
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Megan said...

I think Jethro's mouth looks like Brett - his eyes not so much -Talmage looks alot like Brett and yes, so does Hazel. Fun pics. Yes, Cowen always makes me think of Dallin or Dustin Sommerfeldt.

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