Friday, September 24, 2010

Good dinner.

Tonight we had this: (here’s a trick—don’t add the peas while cooking, just bring frozen peas to the table and add them to individual bowls, and they will cool down your soup enough so that kids don’t burn their mouth or have to add a cup of milk)IMGP0174-1 and this:IMGP0176-1and these (filled with butter, brown sugar, chopped hazelnuts and chocolate):IMGP0178-1Thanks Mom for your fantastic stew, bread, and cinnamon rolls recipes.  Everything was soooo warm and delicious it almost made the rainy rainy day completely worth it (I can say that so glibly because it is only day #1 of raininess, and not day #14 yet) and my family told me I was a wonderful cook.  :)

While we ate, we looked out the shaft of sunlight cutting through the dark rainclouds for the first time all day.IMGP0168-1   I sure love our view.tryIt got darker and was so beautiful and I just felt so grateful for the blessings that I constantly have—good, simple food, beauty all around, healthy happy kids, hard-working husband.IMGP0185-1  By the way, have you noticed anything different about the pictures today?  Because guess what!!!!  They were taken with my NEW fancy-pants camera that I got for my birthday, after the other one fell on the ground for the fifty-seventh time and the battery cover only barely hangs on now.  The camera is awesome, but I am a little cowed by all it’s fanciness.  I’ve got to get out and start playing with it a lot.  Meanwhile, here are some more pictures taken by it.

These flowers we grew from seeds, by the way.

IMGP0009-1   I grew this kid from a seed too.IMGP0017-1 IMGP0021-1 Sep 10 IMGP0105-1

Oh, sweet sweet cute boy.IMGP0013-1


Kris said...

I'm so jealous! I love the picture of your flowers! And if you have any really good recipes (you always do!) can you send them my way? I am in a cooking slump. I guess it doesn't help that I procrastinate dinner making until it should be time to eat! Ugh! I just need to get more organized! That homemade bread looks YUMMY! I STILL use the recipe you taught me.

Lynn said...

I'm with Kris. I was so hoping those recipes weren't family secrets. Can you share them with me too please??

Jessica said...

Beautiful Photos! I would love to have that view! What kind of camera did you get?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Your view IS very beautiful!!! I love looking out my window at the Wellsvilles just as the sun is going down behind them and the sky is orange and pink and lovely!!! You are welcome for the recipes and they look yummy! Good job! Miss you. Mom

Ginger said...

You are lucky! New camera, cute kids, etc, etc. I can never get flowers to grow from seed. I've had a little luck with zinnias, but nothing else.

Christal said...

recipes please!!!They look so yummy!!

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