Sunday, September 19, 2010

From September

Playing in the woods.DSCF7517 DSCF7526  DSCF7546 DSCF7548 DSCF7561 We went to a Family Day in Thun with our friends the Nicks, and the kids got to ride a pony,DSCF7584 swing on a swing ride,DSCF7585 and Jethro waited in line forever and got to jump on the trampoline bungee.DSCF7594 DSCF7595 DSCF7599 Talmage can be so sweet with his siblings.  Sometimes if he gets in trouble from Mom, he’ll go to Hazel or Ethne for a hug.  Or if he gets mad at one of them, he’ll go to Jethro.  This night he brought Hazel a book and she started reading (meaning telling the story) to him, and he put his arm around her.  It was the cutest thing ever.DSCF7602 DSCF7603  One day we explored a little river ravine near us.  It was fun.  Brett and I tried to tear the kids away from the water to go for a walk, and they were miserable and whiny, so we went back to the water and they played and waded most happily for a good long while.  That’ll teach us to try to remove kids from water. DSCF7677   DSCF7678 DSCF7686 DSCF7690 DSCF7704

This girl is cute with a hole in her teeth.DSCF7732 DSCF7742 And she is learning to ride her bike.  She is really close, but I don’t think she has a real burning desire.  Talmage likes riding too.DSCF7746 DSCF7750 DSCF7756 What else has been happening?  Hmm, not too much.  Last Sunday I told all the kids to bring their blankets and pillows into the front room and I got out one of the books I had ordered for Christmas and started reading it and they loved it.  The book is Half Magic by Edward Eager and the kids all liked it.  Jethro of course, finished it himself the day after we started reading it together.

The kids have this week of school and then they get three weeks off.  Then they have another 2 weeks off after Christmas, a week off in February, and three weeks off in April.  Does anyone (maybe someone who’s kids go to year-round school) have any ideas for me for what/how I should plan for those breaks?


Kami said...

I love your pictures, as always. and I finished part of Ethne's costume last night (only pattern I had to start working on) and it is AWESOME!!!

Christal said...

Talmadge is the cutest little babe ever!!! So fun! all of them!

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