Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little info on my honey.

Have you ever seen the movie Crazy in Alabama?  In that movie, the woman carries around a head (actually her husband’s) in a tupperware container in a hatbox.  imageMy husband is a lot like that.  He carries around heads… though not in hatboxes.  Sometimes he rolls them behind him through the city in a little luggage-like cart, sometimes he carries them in our van, and he has even carried buckets of heads on his bike.  The other night, after the kids were in bed, he called and asked me to come pick him up because he had accidentally locked his backpack- containing his bike lock key and wallet- in a doctor’s office because he didn’t remember his bookbag since his hands were full carrying out heads.

You see, to test out the robot he’s working on, they practice on cadavers.  He even told me one morning that he had dreamed all night about drilling heads.  And one time he was telling me that he had drilled the fattest head he’d ever seen.  He said when he stuck his scalpel in, the whole blade was just enveloped in fat.  (This is in the area between the eye and the top of the ear…not a place that should really have much fat.) 

So, what’s the take-home message from this?  Nothing, except that talking to my husband about his work now is much more interesting than it used to be when he was doing cellular-level research, though quite a lot more creepy.

On another topic, I made the kids a really fun lunch the other day.  I figured the kids would get a big kick out of it, and while it’s much too persnickety for me to do all the time, it made for a bit of a special afternoon. DSCF7761   DSCF7767DSCF7762DSCF7766

Here is a link to the “recipes.”  Have a good night.


Lynn said...

You are the most level headed woman I know!! How can you go from talking about dead people's heads straight to food and recipes?? LOL!

I am learning more than I ever thought I would.

P.S. Does he need a permit to carry around those heads? I tend to think that if he was ever stopped by the police that some major questions might be asked!!! ; D

Kristi said...

and cute.

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