Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Walk Down October Lane

So, the month of October marks a very special occassion that occurred two years ago. That is, the purchase of my digital camera. :) So, in honor of that anniversary, I thought I would share a few pictures from the last two years' Octobers. From last October (2006), some pictures I love of Jethro and Hazel.

Here is our dog, Lindy, that we had at the time, but we gave her away as soon as we had Ethne cause I didn't like bad dog habits. But she was pretty.

And here was me. I have wasted away.....indeed, I'm a mere shadow of my former self. I need to go eat lots of icecream and chocolate. ;)

And October 2005.
Hazel was so little!!

So, after I was looking through those pictures, I went on and started looking through my journals at entries from Octobers. It's interesting because often I would write like maybe once or twice a year, but they often happened to be in October (or close to). So, because I think it's a pretty cool thing to see snapshots of my life through the years, I took some of the entries from my journals and compiled them. It's really long and you probably don't really want to know all this stuff about me, so feel free to skim or skip completely. I personally find it interesting because, well--it's me! and the last ten years of my life have been rather full, so it's cool to see where I was each year. Anyway, enough intro. Here we go-the last ten Octobers of my life: (one last time, remember I warned you this is long--you might want to break it up over several days. ;) )

October 2006
I went to my doctor on Monday (the first time I got to see my real doctor) and he said I was 2 cm dilated. Wow, I’m really having this baby soon! I got a temporary job scanning papers to .pdf files for an engineering professor.
Brett played with the kids this morning before church, wrestling of course with Jethro. Jethro loves being a “hero” and making ‘race’ noises while doing cool moves. Pretty funny. Hazel’s adorable. Sometimes I feel like—is she really mine? Cause she’s so beautiful. She loves her dolly and carries her around everywhere.
Brett has been working the last several weekends on getting the Mercedes sanded so he can paint it. It feels like it has been slow going, but he is almost there.
Oh yeah, I potty trained Hazel a month ago and she did great. Much easier than Jethro. [She still does better than Jethro even now.]

October 2005
Jethro is funny and he and Brett just play and play and play. Hazel is the cutest thing imaginable and she walks around getting into things and climbing on things and being so cute. She doesn’t say many words, just quacks a lot and she can say meow. Her newest tricks are giving kisses, folding her arms for prayer, and making funny faces—scowling and cheesing.
I have a paper route now that I started at the end of August to get a little extra spending money. It has been fine, but it is getting freezing cold now so I am going to quit.
Brett has several projects (of course) going right now. He makes biodiesel and is getting the Mercedes running. He also bought a heater to try to use biodiesel with.

October 2004
Things are kinda busy around here. We go to institute class once a week and tend the Behnke’s kids every other week so they can go to a class [we were the MSA reps]. I teach piano lessons to a girl in my ward and take lessons every other week from a person in our ward named Ginger. [A stellar piano teacher, I might add.] Brett had the idea that I should take lessons from her, so when Charlotte asked if I would babysit her son once a week, I decided to use that money for the lessons.
Jethro is so cute and growing up so fast. He talks really well and remembers so many things that he hears from movies or what we say. He loves daddy and helping him “fix” things, especially the Scout that Brett bought and is now redoing the engine from.
When I put Jethro to bed I have to say “goodnight, I’ll miss you, you’re my bestest boy” about ten times before I go out, and the other night when I went out and shut the door he started screaming and screaming, saying “I love you Mommy! I love you Mommy!” and so I went in and said, “What’s wrong?” and he said, “I love you. I’ll miss you.” And then he closed his eyes and was fine. It was so funny.
Hazel is so beautiful and I can’t believe she is 4 months old. She is a great baby---smiles so much and loves to be tickled.
Oh yeah, Brett got hit when he was driving the Olds, and it was totaled, so we were borrowing a car from the Ellis’ for quite a while while we waited for the insurance stuff to go through, and a couple weeks ago we bought a Crown Vic in Chicago.
Brett is such a wonderful husband. His new project is a Scout that he bought on Ebay and drove to Nebrasks to get. He has bought a lot of Christmas presents/tools for it.

October 2003
I am now writing in our apartment in West Lafayette Indiana. The summer was beautiful—one of the most enjoyable of my life. I had 3 online classes and no job and it was so relaxing. Brett worked at the Space Dynamics Lab and got most Fridays off (cause he’d work 10 hours the other days) and we’d do fun things.
It was sad to leave (Utah). We drove two days and spent the night at a hotel in Nebraska. Jethro only threw up on me once, and Brett had to replace the alternator in our truck twice.
I’m in 4 ½ classes and I’m a T.A. for a class. I’m gone so much and my classes go till late—Brett is home much more than me. We really wish we could trade. [This was my only semester at Purdue. After that, I quit the Speech Path master’s program.]
Brett and Jethro are the two cutest, most wonderful boys ever and I love them so so much. Jethro is starting to walk a little—it is so fun. And he babbles all the time.
Most exciting news for last—I’m pregnant! I should have the baby around July 1st or so. I am very excited and think it will be so fun for Jethro to have a brother or sister.

October 2002
Well, Jethro is about 3 months old and he’s the cutest baby in the world.
Kami met a guy named Leonardo when she was in AZ this summer. He just got baptized and they’ll probably get married.
I’m taking the GRE on Friday and Brett and I are trying to decide where to go for grad school. I can’t believe we’re so close to graduating! Brett just has spring semester left, and I have spring and summer.
Well, I need to study some more before Jethro wakes up.

September 30 2001
Yesterday was really exciting—at 10:00 we drove up to the Wind Caves trail with Andrew and his roommates and their dates. We made sandwiches and hiked up to the caves. Brett and I won, of course [sheesh—everything is such a competition to me!]. We all ate our lunch and Brett and I climbed up the rocks to a little ledge. It’s kind of cool that we hiked to the wind caves together because about a year ago we hiked to the wind caves with a group of people. We didn’t know each other then (in fact, I was on a date with a guy named Josh [pretty much one of two dates I went on at college that wasn’t with Brett]), but we both remember each other being there.
Brett and I jogged down the trail so when we were waiting for everyone else to get down, we took our shoes off and waded in the creek. There was a rope swing too which Brett swung on. Later, Drew said he was feeling the need to do something crazy (Drew?!), so he pulled off his shirt and shoes and swung and jumped into the water. [This was when I knew he was going to marry Jessica.] It was FREEZING!! His face was classic. Eventually, Brett and I jumped in too.
Later that night Brett and I went to the football game with Kami and her date, Clayton, and Andrea and her date Tim Young. They broke up before his mission but he’s back now and they’re dating again, so we’ll see. [They got married in December.]
Brett and I are both going to school and working. I work as a clerk/secretary at Intermountain Transcription Services and Brett works at Sprinkler Supply.
Brett is my best friend and such a wonderful husband…etc. etc. etc.
October 2000
Well, I’m at Utah State now, back in good ol’ Utah. Logan’s very nice.
I’m taking Psych 1010, Math 1050, Biology something, Honors Creative Arts, Aerobic kickboxing with Kami and Andrea, piano lessons and institute.
I have a job babysitting kids while their parents are in an English class.
Kami and I live in apartments opposite each other (about 20 steps away). I don’t like her roommates, but I go over there anyway. The boys that live next door to her are pretty cute. [That would be…..Brett and Drew. ha ha ha!!!! ;) ]
….more stuff about college….Money goes so fast. Who knew? Strange, buying your own groceries and zip-lock bags and stuff that was always just part of your house.
Anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun. Andrea and Kami and I have gone to a rodeo, camping, a Spanish Fiesta and other stuff.
The best weekend was when Dad and Mom came for my scholarship banquet. I have amazing, wonderful parents.

October 1999
This weekend was soooo much fun! On Friday we went to a Harvest Ball for Key Club. It was for some senior citizens. Kami and I had a ton of fun and after Thomas’ football game was over he came over as soon as he could, but they had just barely finished playing the last song, and wouldn’t play another one for us. I was so disappointed, and then someone asked me if I was going to the Moose Lodge Dance that was happening right then I thought it was a great idea.
So Kami and I zipped home and changed clothes and then Kami, Thomas, and I went to the Moose Lodge. We danced a bit, then went and asked the d.j. if he’d play a swing song if we gave him the c.d. which he did. Now this is the really awesome part—Thomas and I started dancing, and doing all of our lifts and jumps, and then everybody formed a circle around us and watched us the whole dance!! It was sooo exhilarating! We messecd up quite a few times, but we kept going- doing jumps and flips and everything, and everybody cheered when we did something cool. When the song ended I was sooo tired like I had just sprinted the mile or something, but Thomas and I were sooo excited!! Two girls from school came up and said how awesome they thought we were. Anyway, it rocked.
I’m so excited for this Wednesday, there’s a Key Club powder puff football game. The girls play and the boys are cheerleaders. We’ve had two practices, and I’m a running back. It’s so much fun.

October 1998
On Friday the 2nd, Kami and I ran home from school as soon as we got out. A little while later Amy walked in with Olivia [only grandkid at the time]---so we surprised mom and the little kids, who hadn’t known she was flying in.
At about 5:00 Megan and Jared got here from Grand Forks. Megan is looking so fat and cute! So we all went to the store to get balloons and streamers and we made posters and blew up a whole bunch of balloons with helium. Then we made a huge “Welcome Home, Derek” sign and went to the airport [he was coming home from his mission to the Dominican Republic]. When we got there the plane had come early, so he was already there—too bad we didn’t meet him coming off the plane. He was talking kind of funny, like he had to make sure he was talking in English instead of Spanish. We went home and visited and stayed up really late. It was fun.
Then Wednesday morning I had a drive at 6:00 in the morning for driver’s ed, and since I went first and we were near the church, I asked Mr. Ludwig if I could just go to seminary and he said sure, so I made it right on time.
The rest of the week we played softball, football, I worked at DQ, had a Mia Maids sleepover, and I played the organ for church.
The following week on Saturday we went to Bismarck for the temple groundbreaking ceremony. Ben (sigh) [yes, I actually wrote sigh in my journal], came and started talking to me and invited me to a party he was having at his house [corny story about Ben]…We played a couple games inside and Ben is so good-looking and Ryan is such a flirt, and we started to play Murder in the Dark, and when the lights turned off he grabbed me and hugged me, and then when the lights turned back on he jumped away, acting like he hadn’t done anything, and said, “We better not turn off the lights again—people could get really scared!” It was funny.
I went back to the hotel and we swam with the Nordquists. It was a great time—we would all jump in together, or have chicken fights, or push each other in. Then I got ready for the dance. I had such a fun time. Blah blah blah When I was saying goodbye to everyone Ben shook my hand, and pulled me in to give me a big hug-yay!-and my dad was there behind us, which I hadn’t known, and he was like “All right, all right!” joking about it. Then we drove back to Minot.
The other night, Derek and Kami and I went to Dairy Queen and had Blizzards. Derek was talking about girls and when we got home, he said, “Thanks. We should do it again, but as a triple date. Then he remembered that I’m not sixteen, but I said, “You mean as a group activity?” and he said, “Right. There’s ways to get around being too young and I know all of them.”
On Saturday morning I took the practice ACT and came home and helped rake leaves.

October 1997
[Rather embarrassing story about going to the library to hold hands with this one guy, then both of our dads showing up. Hmmmm.]
I'm an aunt for the first time! Amy had Olivia Leigh on the 21st.
On Fast Sunday Ethan walked up to bear his testimony [would have been about 6 years old] but when he got up there, he didn’t say anything, just kept looking around at everybody for like 5 minutes. He wasn’t scared or crying or anything, just looked around like he was checking out everything. Mom said, “Go up and help him!” but we were laughing so hard. It was hilarious. So I went up and helped him say it and then came down. Afterwards, Dad said, “That was the best five minutes of my life.” Haa ha.

October 1996
This morning at about 6:15 a.m. Kami woke me up and asked if I wanted to go to the airport with Derek to say goodbye [leaving to the MTC]. I didn’t feel very well, so I said no, but at the last second, I jumped out of bed and really quickly pulled on a shirt I knew Derek liked and ran out to the garage just as they were pulling out. We got to the airport and Derek checked in his bag. Derek said, “Kayli’s wearing a preppy shirt for my benefit,” and I was so impressed he had noticed.
Then we all hugged and mom cried, and we watched him board.
So, there's my life on the fast track. I could go back further, but will spare you. Have a nice October!


Rachael said...

this was fun to get a snapshot of your last 10 years--what a cool idea!

MerryPair said...

I totally remember Drew jumping in the freezing river and screaming like a little girl!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

That is made me realize how long you've been married--you don't seem that much older than me! (I mean that in a very young way) :). That story about Ethan bearing his testimony is hilarious. I don't remember Derek leaving on his mission, but I remember getting everything ready to meet him when he came home. I also remember being surprised Amy was there, and Megan when she was all pregnant. And swimming with the Nordquists...and, and, and. It was so much fun to be reminded! thanks Kate!

Kris said...

I loved that picture of Jethro in his hat and mittens near the grasses. I try to get candid shots, but they don't always seem to turn out as cute as I would like. Also love the shot where the sun is shining behind Hazel's face. That fence is a great place for pictures! Also, LOVE that you cut your hair! Looking back, your other cut made you look very young, but now you look like a sheek (sp???) fashionable woman! :)

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