Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm back, devoted readers!

I am not dead, so you may all rest easy. Thank you for anyone who has expressed concern over my lack of posts--makes me feel loved. And it's a good excuse to give Brett when it is late and I am still on the computer --after all honey, my public needs me! hee hee. (And needs to see my BEAUTIFUL little Ethne!)

I have just been busy relaxing at my sister's house in Chicago. We left on Friday around noon, and we drove to a junkyard in Chicago where Brett wanted to get a transmission from (or from which Brett wanted to get a transmission--if you must have the correct grammar). There, we left him and I drove the rest of the way to Kami's house. Actually, that was the plan. I had a harrowing drive, but I got close to Kami's house, but wasn't exactly sure which direction to go to get on her street, so I asked someone where the street was, and they said to follow them, so I did, but unfortunately they took me to the wrong place, so I gave up and called Kami to come get me. Driving in big metropolises such as Chicago makes me nervous to the point of almost feeling ill. Kami said I need to see a shrink. By the time Kami came to get me (being rush hour by this time) Brett was ready to be picked up so we went and got him. He had taken out the transmission and purchased it, but it took us so long that they were going to close, so he returned it and hid it in a trunk of a car. He decided he would come back and get it on Wednesday, because it's half price on Wednesdays. Have I ever mentioned how I hate driving in Chicago? Anyway, it worked out to my benefit, because I decided to stay with Kami until Wednesday and then Brett came and got us.

That night we went out for Chicago pizza at Giobaldi's. It was FANTASTIC. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

The next day we went to the beach and we babysat some kids of a friend from our ward because it was Stake Temple Day. We had a very fun time playing and getting sunburned. The water was very cold and the kids were way braver than I was---I did not go in. Then Kami babysat for us so we could go to the temple that night. Thanks Kami!

We went to church at Kami's ward and seriously at least five people asked us if we were twins. Come on people---we do not really look alike! But we look somewhat similar maybe, and we both have short hair and glasses. We had Brett take a picture of us to examine to see if we looked alike, and we posted it for our family, and my dad said "how could anyone think you look like twins. Clearly the girl on the left looks like a weirdo and the one on the right is a strange little ducky. Besides, the one on the right (as you look at the picture) has a strange growth on her--you can just see an appendage of the growth holding her dress.FOG" (FOG stands for Fat Old Geezer)

Kami's husband Leo was not there most of the time because he was flying, and so Brett sat between Kami and I at church. He told Hazel to scoot over so that he could be sitting by both of his polygamist wives-since they should have equal treatment. Hee hee. Ah, it harks back to the days at USU when Kami was unmarried and had to share my husband. :)

The next day was a free day at the Field Museum, so Kami asked a girl in her ward if she wanted to go with us. This was awesome because she grew up in the city and knew her way around. So we rode the Metra/El and went to the museum. It was pretty cool. Jethro liked the snakes and dinosaurs. On the way home, it was rush hour and the trains were so crowded and I sortof felt like a moron with our big strollers and large amount of children. Oh well.

The rest of the time I just hung out at Kami's pad, enjoyed not feeling like I should houseclean, played around on youtube (it's so addicting!) and loved the whole fast internet thing. Leo, as I said, was gone, so Kami and I slept on her bed and let the kids sprawl on the floor. Here is a picture of how Hazel was sleeping one night. It was so pretty.

Kami was having a bit of a stressful time while I was there, trying to make some big decisions, so I felt a little bad for her (especially as I was just lounging) but we did play with her collection of hats one morning, so that was fun.

And some more pictures of cute Ethne. And one of, if you look closely, me. I found a Carhartt coat for Brett at a garage sale for $3!!!! woohoo!! And I tried it on and since I looked so dang good in it, I took a picture and e-mailed it to Brett at school. He told me that he laughed and laughed. I'm so tough. (It is a little scary though, since I kinda do look like a guy. Eeek!)


Ginger said...

I feel so much better now that I got my fix of the Bell family. Isn't Chicago so cool?!! You did some neat-o stuff. I wanted to go and see Sue the dinosaur, but Loren didn't. So he won.

And yes, you look like your sister in that picture. But when I met her you guys didn't look anything alike.

And yes, you look like a guy with that coat on. Whoa!!

Steve and Katrina said...

I'm so glad you are back. Everyday I would tell Steve that maybe you died and I should call you:) but then I figured you were probably just visiting your sister. Super cute pictures.

OH and you are brave to even attempt to drive in Chicago. I would be so scared!

Maren said...

Missed you and glad you're back. I just wish we could've chatted more at the conference yesterday. Oh well, I guess it's better that we behaved ourselves. :)

Okay, I have to play devil's advocate and say that you and your sister look like you could be twins. It's not that crazy...

Kris said...

Love the picture the Ethne (I'm assuming!) naked on the beach! Baby bums are too cute! It was good to see you yesterday. Wish I could have talked more!

Rachael said...

yay!! I have been missing your funny stories and your awesome pictures. it sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!

Lynn said...

Okay. I just stumbled upon this old post and I was thinking before I even saw the picture of you with Kami.. "How could anyone think they are twins?"

And then I saw the picture. Oh my stars. You guys look like twins!!!! Seriously! : )

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