Monday, September 10, 2007

Our kitchen

So, last weekend we were supposed to go to Chicago to visit Kami, go to the temple, and lounge on the beach. I was very excited. But, instead of many beautiful beach pictures, I give you---these. We had a plumbing problem the night before we left, so we had to do plumbing instead--rip out the wall and everything. Luckily, it was a fairly straight-forward fix, but then, since everything was already all ripped up, we decided to do a new countertop (which we had been kinda planning on doing for a while). I wanted laminate, but they didn't have white in-stock anywhere, so we did tile, because when my husband wants to do something, he wants to do it NOW. No waiting for an order. Anyway, the tile looks pretty nice, and once we get it all completely finished (it is MOSTLY finished except for one little spot under the top cupboard that we put in) I will post a larger finished picture.

Jethro helping Daddy glue PVC pipe. PVC stands for poly-vinyl chloride.

Hazel helping wash the cupboards off.

One funny story. At the very beginning, Brett had gone to work on Friday morning just for a meeting, and then he was coming right back. But he had pulled up the bottom of the cupboard under the sink and asked me to clean it up with the (wet/dry)shop vac. So, I was doing my job, but there was this dead mouse that I had to take out. It wasn't newly dead, but it wasn't just a skeleton. It was kinda dried out but it was intensely gross. So I sat there, wondering how I was going to pick it up, and Hazel was sitting beside me, watching the action--or inaction, rather. I kept saying "Ewww, this is soooo gross!" over and over. And I couldn't think of a good way to get it without having to, you know--touch it. Finally I said to Hazel, "How am I going to get it?" and she said, "With a foyk." Which means fork. And I was like, GENIUS! So, I had my rubber gloves on, and I got a plastic fork, and I had a plastic bag ready for it, but I still couldn't do it, it was just so nasty!!! So I said, "Hazel, why don't you get it." And she said, "But......but......but................. it's yucky." I know. :) Then she said, "Daddy can get it!" which was a great idea, except I knew I had to get it myself. And as I sat there, I thought that my mother would think I was being absolutely ridiculous and she would say, "For heaven's sake, just pick it up and throw it out and wash your hands." And you know, I talked to her on the phone later, and that's pretty much what she said. :)
Anyway, I did finally get it and throw it away and clean up. But yeah. That's what we've been up to lately.


Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Wowsers Kayli. I expect thats what mom would say---and actually, I can picture you doing exactly that as well. Good story. If we ever have a dead mouse at our apartment, I'll be sure to call I can watch the inaction! I miss Hazel, tell her to come visit me!

Mike said...
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Ginger said...

Hee Hee
Wow, when you told me the kitchen story I didn't get THAT much out of it. HUGE Stuff!!

PS-I like the tile too.

Ginger said...

And yes, after looking at this 2 times now, I've just noticed that you made yourself another counter! Good job. It's beautiful! Great job homeowners!!!

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