Monday, September 10, 2007

Hazel bean.

It's interesting, since Jethro's been going to kindergarten, it seems like Hazel has gotten a bit pushed aside. She's not going to school, but she's not the baby either. I need to find things to do with just her and me.
She's also lately been really kind of ditzy. Walking into walls and stuff like that. At Enrichment, I had been just telling that to some ladies sitting by me, and later on, someone came to tell me that Hazel had gotten hurt in the nursery. I went in and one of the brethren was holding some paper towels on her foot. She had somehow cut it and there was a pretty good chunk of skin flapping open. Anyway, we band-aided it and Hazel thought it was as good as new.
Last week I was trying to get my floor swept (only swept!) and Ethne kept crawling into the pile of dirt. It was a very big pile because this was after all of our kitchen renovations, so I finally pulled the couch around to block off the entrance to the kitchen. She did NOT like that. But at least I could finally finish sweeping. Meanwhile, Hazel was outside getting into mud. Nice. What would have happened if I had tried something crazy like mopping?
When Hazel and Jethro both cheese it really big like this, I realize that they actually do look quite a bit alike. ;)


Kristi said...

gee, I have missed a bit- Love the headband! your pictures of Jethro are way better than school pictures- I haven't bought any in years. and I know what you mean- except Maggie is my baby, but I think I am so used to the other kids entertaining her that I neglect her a bit. gotta work on that!

Kami said...

I love the top picture of her. So adorable.

Steve and Katrina said...

okay Kayli, I LOVE the pictures of Jethro and Hazel and Ethne. They are all so cute. Oh and I think your countertops look great. I like the tile. I laughed about the mouse becuase my sister just wrote on her blog about having a mouse in her house and how her little girls were trying to give her solutions. Too cute. I wouldn't have wanted to touch it either. Oh, and I'm jealous you get to make cute headbands and actually use them:)

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