Monday, September 10, 2007

My son.

I just love this kid. The other day was school picture day, and I didn't buy any because they're so out-of-control expensive (even though I kinda wanted just to see how they turned out), so I took some myself and got some cute smiles.

He's getting to seem much more mature to me. I can talk to him more like you talk to an adult. (Not all the way, of course, just more so.)

Here's a funny story. The other day I grabbed his hand and was shaking it up and down saying, "Nice to meet ya, nice to meet ya," and he jerked his hand away and said, "You've ALREADY met me!!! Cause you're my MOM and I'm you're SON!!"

And I said, "I'm not you're mom--where'd you get a crazy idea like that?"

And he looked at me with a condescending look and said, "I KNOW you are."

And I said, "How do you know?"

"Cause you pick me up from school." hee hee.

So I said, "That's what makes me your mom? What if someone else picked you up--would they be your mom then?"

And he growled in agitation and said, "I've known you for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS and years and yeeeeeeears." Well, alrighty then.

At Enrichment, we got goldfish as prizes for a game, so I came home with two. Jethro named his Speedy Fish, or Fishy, and I named Hazel's Daisy. Anyway, Brett put water out to sit for the night, and before he left for work he put the fish in the water. Unfortunately, the letting it sit all night didn't work, and at 7:30 I was awoken by Jethro telling me that he thought his fish was dead. I told him something, I don't really remember what, and he left. But soon he came back really upset this time, crying, and said, "The other fish is eating my fish!" So I had to go flush his fish down the toilet and try to tell him it was okay. Then Hazel's fish died within another hour or so, and when Jethro told her her fish was dead, she said, "No, it's resting!" Mmmmm, nope.
This picture is of Jethro explaining to me what kind of fish he wants to get next. (I'm not really planning on getting another fish, so maybe after several years he'll forget about it.)


Ginger said...

The guy at Meijer told me that there is a 10 day policy. I might still have the reciept!!!

Kami said...

I love Jethro. Leo and I always love your stories of him. He's like a micro engineer already. Hee. Hee.

Dancin Queen said...

Linked over to you from my sister Stevens Girl. LOve your photographs! Your kids are so cute.

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