Friday, September 14, 2007

the latest and greatest, and some deep soul-searching questions

Here's what we've been up to lately. Did some geocaching (or deo-tassing, as Hazel calls it) tonight in the beee-YOOtiful weather. (Jethro has a bear in this picture that he got to take home for the weekend from kindergarten. So far in the bear's journal, no one has taken him geocaching, so we thought he'd enjoy it.) By the way, those of you who asked, you can go to to find out all about it, but in general, people hide 'caches' filled with cheap-o goodies, then enter the name of their cache, with it's coordinates, on the website, you use your GPS to find the cache. Kids love the loot (you bring some to trade) and after the initial cost of a GPS (ours was free from my awesome brother-in-law Blake, cause he had one from his work), it's free, it's everywhere you can think of, and it's FUN!

Jethro and Hazel being goofy.

And then falling off the train table which is where they were sitting for all those goofy pictures. (No kids were harmed in the shooting of this photograph.)
My cool kids.

I made some orange rolls today. I've never made them before, nor even had them before, to my recollection, but I saw them while flipping through the cookbook, and they looked tasty. And they were. (Though of course, I added chocolate chips, because really--I add chocolate chips whenever possible. Which reminds me.....sometimes life is really good to me. Like the other day, I was looking through the pile of old hats in Brett's closet for no reason at all, and I found a half-full bag of cadbury mini eggs. Which I ate immediately. They were sort of stale (I don't know what year they were from) but still--unexpected chocolate??? It's like a direct blessing from heaven!)
Hazel in the fridge.
Jethro, Hazel and I ran around the blocks several times the other night because it's been so lovely out. It was really fun. I enjoyed myself a lot. I was barefoot. I think that helps you loosen up and feel more like a kid. At least, for me it does. Here's a cool action shot of Hazel.
And now, on to the deep, meaningful questions for all of my readers. These are things that I've always wondered about, and I hope you will ponder, search your soul, and answer with all due sincerity so that my mind might be troubled no longer.
First, what's your favorite kind of apple? Mine has always been red delicious, because really, that is The Apple. Don't you think? But since being married to Brett, I have come to eat other kinds of apples because he believes red delicious get soft easier than other kinds. So, now I also like cameo a lot, and gala a little. But a red delicious in perfect ripeness and sweetness and crispness CAN'T be beat.
Second, do you usually eat cold cereal for breakfast, or something else? I'm a cereal fan all the way. I'm not fond at all of pancakes, and I don't like to eat too much in the mornings at all really. My dad never eats breakfast, and I'm kinda like that. Except when I'm pregnant of course, I have to make myself eat then or I get a little sick. My next favorite breakfast food is egg-in-a-basket, and then german pancakes.
Third, Do you wear rubber gloves when you do dishes? I never did until very recently, last winter, when my hands started getting super dry, and now I still do.
Fourth, how do you wake up in the mornings? I try to never wake up to an alarm clock. First, I like to sleep in, and secondly, it's such a rude awakening, and thirdly, my kids wake me up. Oh, except on Sundays when Brett wakes me up. He's an early-riser. Me, no. But I still love him.
Fifth, do you prefer facial hair on your spouse, or clean shaven? (Or, if you're a guy, do you prefer facial hair or not?) I think I've mentioned before that I'm all for the scruff. I like it muy much.
That is all. Please, PLEASE tell me your answers in the comments. It will mean so much to me. I will write a reminder comment so you don't have to try to remember all the comments when the screen changes. Have a nice day.


Kayli said...

Hello again. I am glad to see you here. :) See, that is me smiling really big. (I don't know why I am so cheesy tonight.) But it's fun.
So, the question.
#1-favorite apple
#2-cold cereal/something else
#3-rubber gloves?
#4-alarm clock?
#5-facial hair/clean shaven

Christy said...

That was really thoughtful to put the questions in the comments.

1. I like pink ladies. Red delicious do nothing for me.

2. I never eat cereal in the morning unless I just stick my hand in the box and put it straight in my mouth. Sometimes I eat it at night. I usually have toast and then an early lunch.

3. If I ever have to do dishes I most definitely wear rubber gloves.

4. We have an alarm clock but we set it "just in case". I don't think we've actually had to use it for some time now.

5. Whenever Carl tries to grow out something he just looks dirty. It just doesn't come in fast enough or even enough so we both prefer him clean shaven.

Kris said...

Yes, like the reminder comment. So, I think my favorite is Granny Smith - nothing like a bright green apple (which is also one of my FAVORITE colors!) with a sour crunch!

I am a cold cereal girl for the mornings too - too much effort for anything else unless I'm REALLY in the mood for something and have the time to do it.

I have been trying to stay away from too many dishes to do in the sink (i.e. keeping up on my dishes in the dishwasher better!) but if I have a lot to do then yes, I'll wear them b/c 1)I used to get dried, cracked fingers from doing them too much in the winter time when I didn't have a dishwasher and 2) I HATE floaties!!! They give me the willies!!

Well, I usually wake up because Harrison is hungry, but before him I was woken up by Kent's alarm clock he set a 1/2 hour earlier than he even wanted to get up so he could prepare himself to get up! SO not intentional for me, but unavoidable!

Yes, DEFINITELY I like Kent better with facial hair!

Kami said...

Kayli, you're awesome!! I think the weather is terrible by the way!! It's only 60 out today!!! YUCK! Anyway, here's your answers.
1. gala--it's Leo's favorites so mostly I buy them and now I like them the best, maybe cause it's all I eat.
2. Cold cereal is the best!! Shredded wheat, bran flakes, grape nuts, chex, yum!! However, lately I've been eating cold oatmeal. Not so bad, but not my favorite. I don't like a lot for breakfast, and usually only cook, if it's a late late breakfast (say lunch). However Leo loves English muffins so I eat those quite a bit too.
3. No rubber gloves, but I think I should start using them, especially now that I'm without a dishwasher again.
4. Umm, I'm all against alarm clocks, Elena wakes me up.
5. I like facial hair, my husband doesn't very much, and he's not allowed to grow any because of his job, so I guess that puts an end to the discussion.

Ginger said...

1. Fuji....but Loren likes Red delicious. I am also partial to granny smith. I love the crispness and you never can tell if a red delicious will be crisp or soggy.

2. We have the daily choices that are the easiest for me to make. Toast, Cereal, Eggs, Waffle. (I most always have made tons of waffles and have frozen them in the freezer)And I am THE fastest scrambled eggs maker in the west..I mean East. But during Christmas time I like to buy a lot of Wheat Chex (cause it's under $4.00 a box) It's boring, but my absolute fav.

3. No rubber gloves, but we have a dishwasher.

4. Make beautiful children wake me up at 7 each morning. They are FORBIDDEN to leave their room before 7:00. I usually get up around 7:15 when I can't stand Leah yelling "MOM, POOP" any longer.

5. Clean shaven. The facial hair cuts up my skin....or it feels like it. Besides, it reminds me of my dad too much. YUCK!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

1-I like just about any kind of apple, as long as it is REALLY crisp. But I usually like red apples better than green.
2-My roommate eats frosted flakes with oatmeal on top, and then yogurt on top with a little bit of milk. I've started doing that as well, and so between that and bagels, thats what I eat. And if I don't eat I am starving by my 9:00 class. But I am more like Kayli and am not as hungry in the morning.
3-I always wear rubber gloves. Cleaning, scrubbing, washing of ANY sort requires the wearing of rubber gloves.
4-I set my alarm clock to five minutes before I have to get up so I can press sleep and ready myself to wake up to the world. It drove mom crazy, and now I understand because my roommates alarm usually goes off fifteen minutes before mine.
5-Well, I don't have a spouse to judge by, but most of my in-laws and brothers have facial hair, and I like it.....Alan has to be clean-shaven until he enters the MTC.

stevenandkatrina said...

1. fuji or cortland
2. french toast is my fav. but I usually have cereal
3. never tried wearing gloves
4. Chandler wakes me up around 7- I hate it and wish he would sleep until 9!
5. facial hair looks way better on Steve but clean shaven feels better- I'm all about the looks

I go into more detail on my blog but I thought I would post a comment for you too.

Anonymous said...

1- braeburn are my absolute favorite.
2-I try to avoid cold cereal because then the kids are hungry again in an hour but I also try to avoid getting up any earlier then need be so cold cereal happens alot! But we love french toast, eggs on toast, waffles, german pancakes, pancakes, bagels, etc.
3- No rubber gloves, I probably should though because my hands are always very dry. But I usually only have a couple of pans to do (thank heavens for dishwashers!!!!) so I just don't bother with gloves.
4- Alarm clock all the way. And I am not allowed to use the snooze button or else I just keep sleeping!
5- Facial Hair!!!!!!! I love my husband with facial hair, I love him without as well but I prefer him with it!

And Kami, if you think 60 is cold then you are really in for a long winter!!!


marenmadsen said...

1. Gala - I like my apples sweet, not tart.
2. We usually eat cold cereal, but once or twice a week I'll makes eggs or pancakes. In the winter it's usually hot cereal.
3. Dishwasher. (But before our dishwasher I used gloves!)
4. Tuesdays & Thursdays alarm clock; all other days kiddos and Lance.
5. I prefer no facial hair for smooching, but Lance looks better with it!

Anonymous said...

1. pink lady
2. dislike cereal--breakfast is my fav meal of the day and I have to have real food, ie biscuits, pancakes, eggs of all varieties, including egg in a basket and french toast, hash browns. You get the idea. I avoid cereal whenever possible.
3. yes, always wear them
4. let my kids wake me up
5. FACIAL HAIR! Was that a real question?

This is Andrea, by the way.

Mistylynn said...

Hmmmmm... I don't think I've ever like red delicious... the skin is bitter and they're always meely (sp) well, the ones I've tried lunches and so forth. I like a tart, crisp apple so, therefore, I like FUJI or BRAEBURN apples. I love Steel cut oats in the morning or bran flakes mixed with Kashi go lean crunch and some cranberries thrown in. I think I will try harder to wear rubber gloves, it's dry here. My daughter, Tessa, wakes me up every morning. Both clean shaven and a little facial hair... well maybe I lean more towards a goatee. Thanks for asking such deep question. My husband was wondering if your hubby would be willing to share some info on the bio diesel. Have a great day.

Kristi said...

/cory got a GPS for himself for Christmas, and we have not yet been out- a guy in our ward does geocashing, so we are hoping to set up a FHE with them, next week! sounds so fun.
okay, your questions-
1.spartan- without the peels
3.I should wear gloves- I too have very dry hands- must pick some up next time I am at the store!
4.alarm clock weekdays, kids on weekends.
5.clean shaven.

Rachael said...

ooh, what a fun idea!

1) Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith--I can't stand anything even slightly mushy

2) Not much of a cold cereal fan, mostly because I never eat milk in cereal unless it's homemade granola, and if you don't eat it with milk, it takes a really long time. So I usually have toast and fruit or oatmeal or I make pancakes/french toast/scrambled eggs.

3) I can't stand to wear rubber gloves! They make my hands feel icky.

4) I almost always use an alarm on days that I work out, but otherwise I let Abigail wake me up.

5) Clean shaven, but Neil has been a rebel and only shaves once a week since we left BYU

Katrina said...

Hi! Love the pics of the girls in the sunglasses!

1. Gala or fugi
2. I adore breakfast and breakfast food. I am also obsessed with Great Grains Crunchy Pecans cereal. It is my favorite and I eat it most days, except when I'm feeling extravagant and make something fancier.
3. Never worn rubber gloves for dishes.
4. I hate alarm clocks, but will use it if I have to.
5. I really like how my husband looks scruffy, but I also love the feel of the clean shaven face. Much better for kissing.

jessica said...

Hey Kayli!
fun idea.
1. love granny smith the best. i also like fuji or whatever they are and gala if they are super crisp. i hate red delicious. there is nothing worse than a soft apple.
2. im a toast girl most of the time. i'll eat cereal if there is a good one. i love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but it is definetly a treat that is seldom bought!
3. i never wear rubber gloves. i should start, i get dry hands in the winter too. very dry
4. i hate alarm clocks. only use them when i have to. now, Kennedy wakes me up. i sleep as long as possible, i love sleeping in
5. clean shaven all the way. a little scruff now and then is ok, but not too long
thanks! i like reading your blog! I'll have to post some random thoughts here more since you like em so much!

The Tate Fam said...

1. Granny smith all the way!
2. Usually cold cereal, but Ricky loves to make breakfast when he's home and I don't complain!
3. Never used rubber gloves, but I use a scrubber with a handle.
4. Dylan is my alarm clock, but if I have to be up for something, I have to set an alarm.
5. I hate facial hair on my guy because it is scratchy.
This was fun. The pictures are so cute!

Andrea said...

I love the photo of you all. VERY cute. I dreamt? about your family last night, but don't ask me what about. I've been having crazy pregnancy dreams lately. I keep thinking I'm actually going to get to talk to you one of these days, but it hasn't happened yet. . .

I'm too lazy to answer your questions right now. NO, not lazy. Just a tired pregnant girl. :) I thought they were fun though!

Ginger said...

Will you hurry up and post something new? I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to see more pictures of the cutest kids ever. Everyday I check to see if there is anything new, but I'm disappointed each time. Hazel is so cute these days. Please don't make me whine. (I'm a pretty good whiner, you know)

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Kayli! You are driving me crazy! Do you realize you haven't posted anything in over TWO weeks??? I take a LOT more study breaks than that. Sheesh. But I'm sure the next one will be fantabulous, and then I will forgive you.

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