Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wyatt's THIRD birthday!, tub pictures, and Ethne's bow

So Wyatt had a birthday and turned 3!

For a little while I was considering having a little party for him, and making a Sunshine cake because 'You Are My Sunshine' is his favorite song (and he is SOOOOO adorable when he sings it!!), and decorating with some yellow balloons and whatnot, but then I remembered how I'm lazy and pregnant (mostly just lazy), and we didn't do any of that.  And he wasn't thrilled about the idea of a Sunshine cake.  First he wanted a motorcycle cake just like Orrin's, but I didn't want to do a duplicate, and then for some reason he started saying he wanted a dragon cake and wouldn't give up on the idea, so I gave in.

Unfortunately, all his pictures are pretty horrible because a) he was NOT interested in smiling at all and b) it was SOO dark by the time we were having dinner that it was a lost cause.  Oh well.

Both grandmas sent him a package that arrived on the very day, so that was perfectly timed.  Jethro's holding up the two dollar bill that Grandma Rasmussen sent that the kids were all crazy excited over (and also a silver dollar which she then said I have to send back because she sent me the wrong one and wanted to keep the one we have.  ha ha)

So Hazel and Ethne started taking tumbling classes in January, and when you go to the website for the tumbling studio, this song always automatically came on.  SUPER annoying, but the boys loved it.  Wyatt likes to move it.

And here are some tub pictures because they're hilarious and my boys are psycho and adorable.

Oh goodness I love them.

And on their bikes one day.

I already wonder what in the world Wyatt's going to do when Orrin goes off to all-day kindergarten next year.  They spend ALL day playing and fighting with each other.  Wyatt's little toddler bed used to be against the opposite wall as Orrin's bed, but then they had to push it over so that they were right next to each other.

And here is Ethne with a hair bow that I made many years ago for her.  Remember?  Click here to see her wearing it the first time.

So cute cute cute!


Jack said...

That cake is amazing!!!! Wow! All I can say is WOW!

This is Kami by the way.

Andrea said...

Love the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyse and Carlos said...

My kids love the "Move it, Move it" song too. So obnoxious, but it's hilarious to see 1 yr olds dancing, so we put up with it. Also, that cake was legit.

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