Monday, February 8, 2016

Bedroom work, shotgun, and so on

Brett cutting wood to build something.  Possibly the locker/cupboard thingee he made for the garage which is now finished but I don't have a picture of.

 Working on the k'nex roller coaster that Talmage got for Christmas.

Working on the bedrooms.  He took several days off to be able to put more time into them, and has made a lot of progress.

We got a wood-burning stove for the basement.

Completed roller coaster.

And ferris wheel.

While there were still exposed 2x4's, I had everyone gather scriptures and quotes and write them on, so that we would have them deep in our home.  (Partially an idea I have seen other people do, partially my own idea.  When I was growing up and we moved around a lot, I always tried to put my name at least somewhere in the house where people wouldn't see it but it would be my little mark.  I remember being in my Grandpa Rasmussen's house in the downstairs bedroom and seeing writing inside the closet of my dad and/or uncles' names from when they were really little and thinking how cool it was.)

I would like to just take a moment here and address a comment one of my sisters made to me about how I post way more pictures of certain of my children than others, implying "favorites" or whatever, but I would just like to say that yes, obviously the babies get more camera time, but also sometimes things are lopsided purely because of the kids themselves!  Some kids will smile nicely for a picture, or even a minute or two and be cooperative, while others won't even give you a normal face--or look toward you!--for a fraction of a second!

This was Jethro's pick (a scripture about learning and books, surprise surprise) and at first without thinking, he wrote it on what will be Hazel's wall, so then he had to rewrite it on his own wall.  :)

One day we went to Field and Stream and Brett bought a shotgun.  So exciting!

And Ethne hammered together some crutches for herself.

I love seeing little things like the boys walking up the hill with Talmage's hand on Wyatt's shoulders.

One night for dinner we roasted hot dogs for dinner because a) we have a wood-burning stove now b) Santa left a grilling fork in everyone's stockings and c) it's fun.

It was so hot though--too hot almost to stand right in front of it.

These are the awesomest things ever!!!  Brett made one for Hazel and one for Jethro for Christmas.


Kami said...

What a fabulous idea! I like it. Also, I totally get it about the some kids have lots of pictures and some have none. Ana for years would hide from the camera--she doesn't now, but she's hardly around anymore so still no pictures, even the kids in school get less pictures than the ones at home.

Andrea said...

Excuses, excuses. All of my children get an equal amount of not getting their pictures taken. Except Clover--because the baby is always the exception.

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