Sunday, February 7, 2016


Poor naughty Jethro only got coal in his stocking.

See how distraught he was?  Don't worry, he later found other stuff hidden somewhere else.

 Wyatt was quite pleased with his loot.  And now, seeing this picture he said, "I wish we had candy again."

Jethro got a bb gun.

One of Talmage's presents was a flying thingee.

Many lego presents this year = happy boys.

Everyone got a nerf gun (yet somehow, the girls don't use them as much...).

Ooopsie, got him right in the eye.  A little later, the kids got better protective gear--winter coats and goggles, but for these pictures they were without.

Jethro hiding behind the tree.  tsk tsk.

I got Brett his t-shirt.  :)

Outside to try out Jethro's gun.

And hug the cat.

And try out Talmage's slingshot.

And do other macho things like stab the ground with a screwdriver.

I love these two.

Talmage has been improving with his slingshot.

Meanwhile, many lego presents also =happy girls.  Hazel made these lego Elves sets.  She said by the end her fingers were getting blistered.

Happy Orrin with his remote-control car.

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Kami said...

Ahhh, what a merry Christmas!

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