Monday, February 29, 2016

February Stuff

I finally did buy myself a small point-and-shoot camera.  I think it will come in handy.

It has a fish-eye effect. ha ha.


Jethro started guitar lessons this month.  As you can see, he is very intense about his practicing.

He may be way ahead in height, but she still makes him struggle to beat her in an arm wrestle!

A bit more snow, and that was about it for the year I think.


Chickens are always making a mess on our front step.  Or hanging out in our pot.

My lovely niece with perfect hair helped convince me to buy a curling wand, so I actually did my hair.  Baby belly at 33 weeks.

I bought a car seat one day and it was sitting in the front room, and Wyatt and Orrin got Hazel's doll and put it in it along with a blanket, and every time I walked by and saw it out of the corner of my eye it's gave me a mild panic attack. Because... it looked like a baby.

I found this in the schoolwork Talmage brought home one day. He is now my favorite child.  (And I love the baby in my tummy.)

Wyatt threw a jar and hit Orrin right in the noggin.

Brushing teeth before church.

Kid picture before church.  Talmage is being a psycho in all of them, and it was too bright for kids to open their eyes.  But hey, that's the best I've got.

Today I convinced the little boys to go out exploring.

They needed a bag to put their finds in---mostly bullet shells.

Brett finished the coat hanger/shoe shelf thingee for our garage.  So awesome!!


Kami said...

I love the coat hanger!! It looks fabulous! And Wyatt is adorable in the swimming post, well all you kids are adorable. It's fun to see them in their Sunday clothes and getting ready for church. Just a different setting I guess from usual.

Anonymous said...

I love the coat hanger!! Brett - you are amazing!!!! I love the pic of Hazel on the piano bench, the boys swimming, on the tramp, the chicken in the pot, the chess game out. Love you all - so much!!!

Anonymous said...

OOPs. that was your mother by the way. :) :)

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