Monday, February 22, 2016

St. Lucia

So when we brought our big box of Christmas books up and unloaded them into the basket to be read throughout the season, I started looking through one entitled, "A Forest Christmas," by Mayling Mack Holm, which I had picked up at a library book sale because it had cute pictures.  And I saw this particular picture.

And it was so cute!  And it reminded me of the vague memories of other pictures of pretty Swedish girls with their crown of candles, which always seems so special.  And poked around on pinterest and found more pictures like that.

And I read up on the tradition, which happens on Dec. 13th, which is St. Lucia Day and celebrated in Sweden and sometimes surrounding countries.

(Even an Elsa St. Lucia)

And of course, I had to make my girls white nightgowns and crowns, and my boys white nightshirts and star hats.  (Please do me a favor and click on these pictures so you can view them large.)

(So, I had worked hard to get the outfits sewn, hats made, wands made, ribbon picked out, crowns assembled, everyone cajoled and bribed and packed up in the van, driven 30 minutes to this Christmas tree farm, the kids got out and of course had to pee, luckily we had good weather but the light was fading fast, realized I had forgotten the ribbons to go around the girls' waists, finally got them all situated and started taking pictures.  Had taken quite a few when I looked at the screen on my camera and realized THERE WAS NO MEMORY CARD!!!  Accckkckkgggghghhh!! (that was me choking and nearly dying of a heart attack).  By greatest mercy, I had another card in my camera bag and was able to start over--this time SAVING the pictures I was taking.  But, alas, Wyatt was already PAST done by that point.  So this was the final picture with Wyatt in it.  Also, if you look carefully at the third and fourth pictures of this post, you can see in both those illustrations one of the little boys is holding up his hat.  It's so awesome that they are drawn that way because it's so TRUE!  Those hats never wanted to stay straight up!!  They were also dangerous weapons---it would start to slip backwards and then the kid would turn around and it would wack someone else in the eyeballs.  Crazy)

Those boys!  My heart!

OH these girls make my heart go so SQUEEZY!!!



Gosh I love these beautiful kids!


Andrea said...

I love these pics so much. I am INCREDIBLY impressed that you sewed. Rock on.

Kami said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did this!!! The pictures turned out amazing! And you are amazing. And I want to sew costumes like crazy after seeing this post. Good sewing too.

Alyse and Carlos said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Seriously, how are they so grown up. And your boys, as always, so adorable!

Lynn said...

Amazing! So talented you and your sisters are in so many ways.

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