Thursday, January 28, 2016

More December things and Christmas Eve

 We put up our tree and decorated for Christmas.  (I really liked that star, but now I wish I would have gotten a lit one.)

I took some bathroom-mirror selfies

so I could make this little announcement which I posted on Facebook.

Here's another few bathroom mirror selfies on a Sunday.

My mom's box of chocolates arrived in the mail which was absolutely so exciting!  I had made a few of my own, but mostly I gorged on English Toffee because it is my favorite and it is delicious.  So so so delicious.  Worth-gaining-twenty-pounds-for delicious.

We had a very very warm December (s'all good with me!!) and so one particularly nice day these boys were out motorsickling in their t-shirts.

Brett drove to North Carolina and bought this van for us at an auction.  We are still driving the minivan until Brett can find a bench to put in the back (it just has two now).

I think this is Christmas Eve on a little walk.

Then we came home and made Grittibänz (little bread men that were everywhere in Switzerland around Christmas time-- see here for more info (near the end)).

This one's mine.

Some people got way more creative ideas --I think Talmage had Brett help him do the shark, and Orrin had Brett help him with the whale.

And Jethro--psycho guy that he is, made a WWII soldier in a gas mask with a gun (I'm sure he would be able to tell you exactly what kind it was) who was shot in the shoulder.  Complete with blood.  ???  Yeah, I know, boys are weird.  Especially boys obsessed with WWII.

My favorite tradition ever---hoagies for Christmas Eve dinner!!!!  With grape juice/ginger ale to drink.  Oh the deliciousness is beyond measure.  It was 

After dinner, new pajamas!  Sheesh my kids are getting big.

I made these nightgowns for the girls, for what purpose you shall see in a later post.  :)

We tried to read/act out the nativity, but it was a struggle because the kids were soooo crazy.  Fun times.

Mary on the donkey.

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

The angel bringing tidings of great joy to the shepherds.

Mary and a wise man.


Kami said...

Sweet! I love Jethro's bread man! And your Christmas tree is pretty. I want one lighted too, they're hard to find, and I've yet to find one I like.

Christine Merrill said...

You guys have a very nice boy/girl mix for a nativity play. My family was all girls, so my dad had to play all the "boy" parts (I mean, maybe the wise men and shepherds were all girls, but not very likely...)

Lynn said...

Congratulations!! What an exciting year for your family.

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