Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thanksgiving in Miami first beach

So there was that one time when I saw a picture my sister Lindsay posted on Instagram of her kids at this gorgeous, blue ocean, and I said, "I must come visit."  And she said, "Do it!"  And I did.  (I am very influenced by pretty pictures.)

And it was awesome!!



This was the first beach Lindsay took us to--one with a beautiful lighthouse.

That's just so GORGEOUS!!!!  It speaks to my soul.

Everything you need--sun, sand, water, cousins.

Since Lindsay was there with her camera, there is proof that I was there too.

Will and Molly are Miamians, and so not quite as into the windiness/slight chilliness as we were.  :)


Last couple group pictures before leaving.

Except of course, then these boys had to run back to the water one last time.

Then we went into the jungles and tamed the wild animals.

We were so happy to get to the beach, because it was a VERRRRY long drive to Miami.  And Brett stayed home because he had no interest in going, which was okay by me.  Luckily, our friends from Indiana days live in North Carolina, and they were so kind to give us a bed for the night to break up our trip.  It was awesome to chat with them, but far too short!  

It was awesome to visit Lindsay, hang out in her apartment and see her hang-outs and eat her out of house and home.  She said the theme of the trip for her was: I can't believe how much they eat!!  ;)


Kami said...

Those raccoon pictures are pretty sweet.

Andrea said...

Tamed the wild beasts. Ha. Love it.

Christal said...

oh my havent been on here for awhile your kids are getting so big!! Love seeing your adventures! Looks like a ton of fun. I read back a bit and looks like life is good love your house land and chickens what a dream for your kids! And you are amazing! Saw your parents last weekend at Laura's funeral thought of you and thought I'd come check in:) Happy 2016:)

Steve and Katrina said...

Yay! I just noticed you posted about thanksgiving! Now I really want to make the drive down there. Too bad this baby messes up my plans of going for spring break. Thanks for staying with us- wish we had more time to chat and play but it was good seeing you for the tiny bit we did!

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