Saturday, January 23, 2016

Last Florida Post

I think this night that Lindsay and I went out on the town.  Because I am super lazy, and because she has already written it all up, I shall copy and paste:

We went to Bayside Market and they had all these food trucks there (I don't know why) which was AWESOME! So we wandered around and I told Kayli all the good things we've tried from the Cuban/Peruvian dishes. She chose Egyptian Shwarma and I was thinking--you're crazy?!? But is was THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER!!!! It was some stir fry type of stuff inside a pita but the spices and taste of everything was SO DELICIOUS! I have been craving it ever since. Then we walked along the ocean and got to all the little shops and wandered back and forth and realized how boring we are on our lonesomes, haha. But it was really nice to just chat and stroll and NOT think about the nine kids at home and have some fun sister time!

Kayli tried out some gelato at one little shop (cherry!?! Really?!?! You might never live that down, Kayli!) and deemed it not as good as Italy. Then we wandered around even more and they still had the pop-up restaurant there from when Sterling and I went to Bayside several weeks ago! I was so excited to show Kayli because it is such a unique thing and so much fun! Of course they had live music and it was right next to a GIANT lighted Christmas tree, so it felt very festive and fun. We tried to convince a Peruvian chef to let us taste his Paella (SUPER common dish served here) without actually buying it. He did not approve, haha. So we ended up sharing a dish. It's almost like a seafood gumbo, South American style with jumbo shrimp and squid. I loved it, especially when Kayli took one for the team and went back and asked for the limes they forgot to put on our plates. Added just the right amount of perfect. Kayli was not so big of a fan. I agree, it didn't compare with the Egyptian, but it was still super fun to try.

Then we rode home uneventfully and got home ridiculously early for a Friday night out. Haha. I had such a great time though! It was so fun to try out the new things and show her some of downtown Miami and ride around the city in the metro mover.

Now whenever I make jambalaya for dinner I will have to remember to have fresh limes to squeeze on top--it was so good!

“We tried several times to get a selfie, haha every time we said "delete that".  But shout out to my awesome sister @dpkayli who tried out the metro and…”:

And here is our final beach--Crandon, I believe it was called.  It was soooo beautiful.


Oh, and of course somewhere in there we had Thanksgiving.  I mooched off of Lindsay and Sterling's friends who invited several families over.  There was turkey that was delicious.

On Thanksgiving morning, Sterling took his kids and my kids (minus the very youngest) to the Everglades and they saw gators!

And then we played some dancing wii stuff.

“Strike a pose.”:

And that was our Miami trip.  It was WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you thank you thank you to Lindsay and Sterling for showing us such a great time!!

(Oh, except for the harrowing drive back in tons of traffic and Jethro and I thought we were never going to actually make it back, we would just be stuck in the van driving forever.  But we did eventually make it back.)

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