Saturday, January 16, 2016

South Pointe Beach

This day was a beautiful windy day, absolutely perfect for playing in the big waves (Lindsay was so sad and apologetic that this beach, which is always perfectly clean and seaweed-free, was not, but really, I don't care and Hazel and Jethro never had as much fun as they did this day with the waves).

I love that Talmage is holding Wyatt's hand here.  Awww.

Wyatt got bowled over by a wave that drenched him in sand--his ear was full of it.


The view.

Ethne and Wyatt played forever.  It was so cute.

The sad part of the day was that poor Ruthie got a nasty jellyfish sting.  Ethne and Hazel got tiny stings too, but Ruthie had the worst and it was super sad.

 Watching an enormous barge coming in to port.

“We had THE BEST time with @dpkayli and her six kids this week! Three different beaches, Vizcaya, the Everglades, and a Thanksgiving feast! Thanks for…”:  
Rub a dub dub, crazy kids in a tub.

“Rub a dub a dub. Cutest cousins in the tub. I miss you guys already-come back!! #bellcousins #happyhaws #thanksgiving #beachfordays”:  

And here is a random pictures that Lindsay took with her phone and posted to instagram, so I stole it.

“How many cousins can you fit on one couch?!  #bellcousins #happyhaws”:  


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Kami said...

I love these pictures! It looks so fun!

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