Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Orrin's 5th birthday

Back in December, Orrin got to make a gingerbread house at playgroup.  (So did Wyatt, but he didn't want to take a picture with his.)  Fun stuff.

Brett made some glasses for himself out of legos.

Wyatt got potty-trained!  It was pretty lickety-split after the first day (which was pretty horrible).

Wyatt played with magformers.

And Orrin turned five!!!  Here he is on his big day- which was nice and sunny, so I took the opportunity to take him on the front porch and take some pictures of him because he's so cute I just can't stand it.

I loooove that smile!

He was SUPER happy about his dirt-bike cake, which was, in fact, super awesome.

He got a jumping monster truck, a nerf gun, the dirt bike that was on his cake (which was a big hit with all the boys, because it made revving sounds), and a Ninja Turtle backpack from Grandma Bell with some fun things in it.

I love my Orrin!

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