Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Best Surprise Ever!

So once upon a time, Lindsay Anne, my sister-in-law was awesome enough to come visit me!!  I was sooooo happy and excited!!  AND THEN--she brought along my sister Lindsay and her family!!  (Well, Lindsay and Sterling were on their way from Lindsay Anne's house to their own house in Miami, and at the VERY last second they decided to come see me!!!  Because they are awesome!)  It was the BEST surprise ever!!!

Wyatt and Will were BEST friends!!  (At least, we told them they were a lot.)


The kids played around in the backyard, and we recruited Sterling to help us lift a freezer we bought on craigslist, a few people got motorcycle rides,

Will chased geese with a sword...

And then we went to the beach and had a picnic and swam and it was great.

I love how whole-heartedly Wyatt cheeses.  :)

Cousins!!  On my front porch!  (In Halloween costumes??...)

Goodbye hug!  *tear*

Now all of you come back for Thanksgiving!!

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