Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Week

Look what happened to this guy!  Every time he starts to tell me something, I say, "Stop, stop!  I can't believe a word you say when you look like that!"  Far too impish with that missing tooth.  :)

Flowers from my garden! :) :)

I went outside and as these two pass on the motorcycle I hear Wyatt yell, "Go faster!"

This was when the kids got together with some of our friends and learned to do laundry, sew a button, hammer a nail and use a saw.  We're going to switch houses and teach them more life skills.  Fun stuff.

And since a bunch of friends were all together, I brought some scotcheroos with candles and we sang happy birthday to Jethro (his birthday was the day before, but we didn't celebrate it that day because I was gone most of the afternoon helping a friend clean her house before they moved).

 ThirTEEN!!  I can't believe he's a teenager.

Then we had birthday cake at home after dinner.

More flowers from my garden!  Awww, happy happy happy.  Zinnias, Dahlia, Lisianthus, Salvia, Cosmo, Firework Gomphrena, one little Poppy, tiny bit of Baby's Breath, and Bachelor's Buttons.  I love them!

Meanwhile, boys are doing boy things.

 And Hazel's giving the kitty pouncing lessons.

Play ball!

Ha ha!!


Kathleen Wagner said...


I won't be seeing you at the library any more...
I will miss you and your lovely, sweet and incredibly cute children ...

I am so very happy to have had the chance to meet you..
Sending blessings and thanks for being so sweet to me all the time. I will peek back here now and then.
I have ticked this to send responses to my gmail...but don't feel that you need to respond.

I just wanted to say thank you to you

Kayli said...

But Kathleen! Where are you going? I will miss seeing you at the library. Hopefully we'll run into each other again.

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