Monday, August 10, 2015

Ohiopyle Day 2

Camping breakfasts are so cute.  I don't know why.

This kid's cute too.

And definitely this one.

This one too!

We walked to the lakeshore.

Pretty pretty girls.


Another photobomber  (who learned from the best).  :)

The boys looked at the view from the scenic overlook for about 1.5 minutes, but they looked at the motorcycle parked at the parking lot for the scenic overlook for about 10.  :)

 We hiked (hiked being used very loosely here) on a nice trail through the trees.

You see the little waterfall below?  We stopped and played for a little bit (extremely bad place for pictures as it was in a dark shadow at the bottom but super bright up top) and when we all got back out of the water and got our shoes on, we all went one way, and Orrin went the other way.  It took us a while to realize he was not with us, and then Brett went back to find him and some nice people had found him and had even sent someone up the trail our direction to see if they could find us.  We had a lot of kids with us okay!  :)

Then we swam for a little while in the river.  Although it was too rocky and too swift for very good swimming.

And then we went home.  And this is how Wolfie felt about all of it.


kami said...

Lindsay Ann is the best! And your girls and hers all look so pretty. Hazel is gorgeous. No worries, we almost left Isabel at a gas station outside of Calgary. We thought she was with Derek, and Brooke saved the day and found her still in the store.

Rachael said...

Love love love these photos as always! But I'm going to be totally obnoxious and put in a plug for helmets, since Neil left his in his backpack on his back rather than on his head when he had a bike accident and then we ended up paying a gazillion dollars for all the CAT scans. I'm sure you guys wear one when you're not taking pictures. :-)

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