Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last Bit of July

Some more pictures from when Lindsay was here.  (Best part of my summer, by the way.  :) )

Pretty pretty dahlia.  I wish my dahlias were doing better.  They're getting eaten by bugs and I'm too lazy to go pick bugs off every day, so...

This was while Brett was giving an FHE lesson.  As you can tell, it was mesmerizing.  :)

One night we butchered some roosters and ducks.  One of the ducks had gotten a broken leg, so we needed to get it done. 

Oh no!!  Something's wrong with Talmage's hands!!!  (I totally made him do this.  Also I made Brett let one of the chickens go after he chopped off its head so we could see it run around crazy and do backflips.  Because if you're butchering chickens, you just have to do that.)

It was a pretty entertaining show, and meanwhile the light was filtered just right to make Talmage's eyes just gorgeous.  Can you believe the cuteness of this kid?!

We ate one of these chickens on Sunday and it was quite delicious.  I wonder how the ducks will taste though.

Little noogins playing.

Motorcycle rides.

Look how filthy Talmage's knees are.

Natalie getting a ride.

This is when our our Isaac, Eliza, Katelyn, and Will came over to learn some cooking.  We made garlic chicken pizza because that taught how to make the dough, the garlic sauce, and how to chop lots of different things.

Plus it is delicious!!!

And here's Wolfie on the filthy garage floor, just loving life.

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Sally said...

Hello there, been following your blog for quite some time.
Love the stories and your pictures are so beautiful, especially the ones taken in Switzerland.

Btw, I'm from Asia and in our culture, when we butcher any animals we usually do it somewhere hidden and quiet. No fun and laughter, instead a peaceful environment to respect for the animal's pain of being killed and to be thankful of them giving their lives for us to fill our stomach.

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