Sunday, August 23, 2015

Front Room

Lindsay Ann is awesome.  One of the many reasons she is awesome is that she truly thought it was a fun idea to help me paint my front room when she was here visiting.  It was sooooo great of her, particularly because I probably wouldn't have gotten up my courage to do it on my own for another 2 years or so.  :)

It turned out sooo great!


 Lindsay Ann cutting.  She was such a pro.

Our samples.  We went with the lightest.

And after:

And then this is what I posted on Facebook.
I felt so sooo SOOOOO awesome today when-- with the help of my amazing sister-in-law Lindsay, I finished painting my front room, including the trim and then I went to Lowe's and picked up new plug-ins and light-switches so I could change them to white. I watched a youtube video of how to change them out, I made Jethro watch it too, we turned off the power and changed every stinkin' plug-in in the room and the light switch. I even forced Brett to give me compliments because I was so awesome. And then I flipped the breaker back and tried to turn on the light and ...nothing. No light, no power. And now I just feel lame. And sad. And pathetic.

Anyway, Brett figured out what I had done wrong (which was  leave some open instead of connected to something even though we weren't going to be using them) and fixed it in a jiffy.

I'm so happy about my beautiful blue room!  And someday I might even get some more seating in there so when visitors come we don't have to sit on the floor, and a mantel and a few decorations up.  But seriously, I just painted the walls.  I can rest on my laurels for a good year at least.  :)


Andrea said...

You didn't tape???!!! I am soooooo impressed!

Lynn said...

Love the colour!

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