Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We went and explored some of our new state finally with Lindsay Anne and her family.  We camped at Ohiopyle State Park and we had an awesome time!

I convinced Jethro to go in and swim!

There he is!

We hadn't put on swimming suits at this point, so the kids all got in in various states of dress/undress.

Talmage and Orrin.

Hailey and Ethne

Then we got to the real good stuff.  The natural waterslides area.  We took it easy at first, which was great--the kids loved it and were not intimidated.

You had to crawl on your hands and knees everywhere because of how VERY slick it was.

Wyatt was super happy just throwing rocks.

Then we went and explored the rougher waterslide.  After considerable coaxing from me (because I'm always very happy to put someone else's life in danger), Brett finally was brave and went down!!  It was madness!

He survived with only a small bit of bruising, so it was worth it.  :)  

Then we found the perfect level of waterslide, not too wimpy, not as crazy as the one Brett went down.  And there were some guys who were standing in a certain pool helping people out so they wouldn't continue on to the more crazy slide.  Jethro went first because he's awesome.

Whooop--where'd he go?  hee hee

And then Lindsay Ann went (from a nearer spot), and then she said it was so awesome and convinced me to go and it REALLY REALLY was!!  It was so so fun!  We even finally convinced Hailey and Hazel to go down.  We all loved our watersliding.  I have some videos I will try to upload tomorrow.

This picture is the funniest thing.  We were at our campsite, had set up tents and were hanging out while our food was cooking, when I heard the kids exclaiming over something, so I looked up just in time to see Jethro yell and then chuck something down on the ground really hard.  Come to find out, the kids had been trying to catch a chipmunk, Talmage HAD caught it, and then it bit his finger and so he let it go, so Jethro quickly grabbed it and it bit HIS finger which is when he yelled at it and chucked it down on the ground.  HILARIOUS.

Oh man tin-foil dinners are the most divine food ever.  Just ever.

I also made some packets with some zucchini and mushrooms and romano cheese and it was also delicious.

And we had corn but I didn't like it because it tasted like smoke, but pretty much everyone else liked it.

 And we had s'mores, and they tasted extra delicious that night too.  But not as delicious as this little boy!!

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Andrea said...

No brats? You really have abandoned Switzerland and all it taught you.

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