Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wyatt, Science Center, Fencing, and a Date

Wyatt is the cutest kid.  Ever.  My heart squeezes SOOOOOO much every time I see him.  And when he says, "I love you Mommy,"  or "I love everybody."  Or when he does something then looks at me and says, "Was that awesome?!"
The other day I said something about him being soooo cute in front of Talmage (who is also deep in love with Wyatt), and Talmage said, "Normally I'm not really into cutesy things, but..." and then he kind of nodded his head toward Wyatt--the obvious exception.  :)


One day we went with the Kimbers to the Science Center in Pittsburgh.  It's really the first Pittsburgh thing we've done.  Jethro was at Scout Camp for the week, so I felt sad that he missed it, so we'll have to go another time to take him and Brett, who was at work.  But Jethro had a great time at camp and got to hang out with the Josh and Bryant Kimber a bit as well as his friends from our ward.

Orrin being a human yo-yo.

Hazel and Talmage climbing the wall.

Some of the kids.

Now all the kids and Kelli and I (although it is too bad I didn't move closer to the group since I look like a large person off by myself, but there was that rail thingee I was on the other side of).

Carrot from our garden.  Talmage and I didn't have the patience to wait any longer to see how big our carrots were getting.  :)  We have zucchini and yellow squash coming out our ears and eyeballs, I don't know what we're going to do with all of it.  And we have a few peas, some cucumbers, and lots of tomatoes that are still green that we check on every day.  Also, a pumpkin plant that is overrunning the garden, so that's fun.

My poppies bloomed.  :)

Brett working on the fence.

A fence is one of those things you see all over the place but don't pay much attention to.  And then you decide to put a fence around your land.

Brett watched some videos on youtube on how to tie some knots and two of the ones we watched the guys were from New Zealand and they were so awesome we decided to move there and become ranchers.  Or maybe just fencers.  HA.   Anna Kimber had come and slept over at our house and we made her help with all the other kids pull the wire around.  Fun times at our house.

But we did let them fill the hot tub up with some freezing cold water.

Brett and I went on a date.  We went to a concert in the park thingee where the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra was playing.

It looked like this.

And we looked like this.

We left about halfway through when it was raining pretty hard, but it was still fun.


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Andrea said...

Zuke season is one of my favorites. Try making zuke boats and zuke salad with bulgar wheat and mushrooms and cheese and pretty much any other veggie you want to toss in there. My very favorite breakfast ever (other than hashbrowns, eggs, and sausages--lets not get too carried away with zuke love) is zuke slices grilled with citrus grill seasoning. Take one big slice of grilled zuke, top with a thick, fresh slice of garden tomato of the beefsteak variety (salted and peppered), topped with a fried egg with a runny yolk. So amazingly divine. Oh, I can't wait until mom brings me some zukes and tomatoes from her garden!!! I also want to try slicing them long ways and making roasted zuke fries in the oven.

And yes, I was too lazy to figure out how to spell zukes--hence calling them zukes when I never actually do that in real life.

Your carrot was adorable. So was Wolfie.

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