Thursday, July 9, 2015

Garden Goods

Some friends came over for a day because their poor mother was recovering from emergency surgery (right before moving no less), and we had a good time.  It was pretty hilarious to me that these kids have a nice, big, beautiful, clean, blue, pool. at home, yet they still got in to our tiny, dirty, little hot tub and had a good time.  :)

Meanwhile, Talmage and his buddy were playing in the tree.

I am extremely happy and proud to say that I made this little bouquet entirely with flowers from my own garden!!!  Sooo exciting!

 And we picked all this from our garden that morning.

While this was already on our counter inside.

We bought a food processor and Jethro did a lot of shredding of squash.  (Well, actually he pushed the button a lot while the machine did a lot of shredding of squash.)  So now we have lots of squash in our freezer, but still plenty on the counter, and a bag sent home with our piano teacher.  No worries, pinterest has lots of ideas of more things to do with it.  :)
This is the face he gives me.

This is the face he gives me when I tell him to smile normally, and Talmage tries to tickle him.

My boys are weird.  But cute.

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Kathleen Wagner said...

mmmm like Zucchini pancakes! The same as potato pancakes ( latkes) but with Zucchini! yum!
I alway throw in a small potato to sort of help "glue" it together.

Great pics as always :)

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