Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Demolition, Motorcyles, Flowers

Zinnias in my garden!

The problem with having a fence.

So remember how our chicken coop is too small for all the chickens I ended up getting?  Well, when I was driving Jethro to baseball games, I would pass this mobile home park that was pretty much deserted, so I wondered if we could go steal a shed to use as a better chicken coop.  I ended up talking to the old lady who owns the place, and we decided on a swap where we would tear down 3 dilapidated sheds that were falling down and looked bad anyway, and then we could take 2 good sheds to use.  So on Saturday we went and did some demolition work.



There was a big scary black snake nestled under one of the floors.  Brett shooed it away.

It was a good time.  We took one pick-up load to the dump, but then the dump closed (at 11:30), so we filled up the truck and then on Monday Jethro and I went to the dump to unload it.  I was kind of looking forward to being able to say that Jethro and I unloaded 1.35 TONS of junk out of it all by ourselves, but then a really nice guy came and helped us until we were done. He also had some solid advice for us-- "Don't let your husband give you this job all the time just because you get help," and "Next time your husband has a load like this, tell him to load it in a dump truck." ha ha


One day I came home and Wyatt looked like this.  My voice immediately went to a very high pitch and I squealed, "He's soooo cute!"  ;)

The final part arrived for Jethro's motorcycle, and they got it all ready to ride!!

Those boys were so awe-struck.

The pumpkin plant that is trying to take over the world.

Super dirty, super adorable kid.

They even made me get on and drive it.  I'm pretty nervous since that one time where I uh... crashed, so I went about 1 mph, but it was a good time.  :)

Look carefully--Brett's not holding on--Talmage is driving!!!

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Andrea said...

One word: helmets.

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