Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wyatt's first birthday!

Wyatt turned 1!!  And is officially the cutest 1-year-old ever!!

I think it was funny that when I took pictures of Orrin and his first birthday cake, someone commented that they couldn't believe I got Orrin to sit next to the cake without destroying it, and it must have been my superpowers.  Well, if it was my superpowers, they are now gone, because I certainly couldn't get Wyatt to sit next to his cake without destroying it.  I even tried putting that chair on the table--far away out of reach of the cake--but he just got off in milliseconds and crawled toward the cake to grab it.  He did get his fingers into it a couple of times, but luckily with the icing swirly-ish, you couldn't tell too much.  :)

He is soooo adorable!!!!

Hmm, I finally get to try this out...

Not shabby, Mom!  Not shabby at all.

In fact, I give it a WOW!

So good it's frightening!

More fun than eating though, is SQUEEEEEEEZING!

Then I've got to lick the plate clean.

Yum yum yum, DEEElicious! (It was a pretty delicious cake, I used this recipe for a peppermint patty cake with whipped ganache icing.)


Wyatt seemed to like his presents.  He got a camera that plays music that he bobs up and down to (which is the cutest thing ever), and a llama!

Llamas are good because not only can you bounce on them, but you can chew on their ears.

I love love love love LOVE this baby!

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Rachael said...

Okay, that photo of him squeezing the cake is definitely the coolest thing I've seen today!

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