Monday, January 20, 2014

Mishy Mashy

Hello, here are some pictures of life.

This is my son Talmage and my baby Wyatt.  They love each other dearly.

 This is me and my baby Wyatt on a walk one day.

This is me and Hazel and Ethne and Talmage (doing an awesome face) and Orrin and Wyatt.

This is my baby Wyatt being absolutely to-die-for adorable.  He can't help it.

 These next few pictures are from an little camera someone gave to us a long time ago, and it hardly ever gets used, but for some reason Brett found it and gave it to Hazel, so she was having a ton of fun with it, and LOOK-- it had a picture of Wyatt on it from when he was a teeny weeny tiny soooo sweet little baby!!

And here he was just a few nights ago.  He still makes my heart go all squeezy because THE LIPS!!  THE EYELASHES!!  THE SWEET soft KISSABLE SKIN!!


Hazel took this picture.  It's funny.  :)

She took this one too, and I kind of love it.

Wyatt with a gnome beard.

We have this little lift-the-flap construction/transportation book in German and the other day Brett showed me this picture of  some shipping containers being unloaded from the ships.

Look closely at what's inside the container:

Ha ha!!  I thought it was hilarious.   
So, Talmage got in a fight and got a black eye.

Just kidding, he was just running through our house and ran into an open cupboard door.

Typical Hazel-- can't EVER just sit and read like a normal person.

This is our dishes chart, in case we forget who did the dishes last.  Hazel wrote Ethne's name and drew the arrow.  I started laughing when I saw that.

Last year we made family resolutions and Jethro was the one to write them down so we could hang them up, and I loved his little illustration of being slow to anger-- patience with a happy face, anger with an angry cloud above the frowny face.  :)

What I'm listening to of late--I love it:

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