Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No sledding.

Last Saturday we finished our housework and then drove somewhere trying to find some snow for some sledding.  No luck.  So much for Switzerland's snowy reputation.


This little spot was quite icy, and Ethne and Orrin were pretending to slip and fall down, and then of course, Orrin really did.  :)

We found a spot on a hill to eat our bread and cheese and hot chocolate and boiled eggs and oranges and toblerones.

The hill was very steep.

I told Jethro to run down, so he did, and it was very entertaining.

So then of course, we tried to get the kids to roll down and somersault down.  Ethne was a champ.

On our way back, Brett quickly looked to see if there were any geocaches near, and there was one right by us, so we found it.  Then this dog came running out at us as we passed a road, and he decided he liked us, so he adopted us for all the rest of the way back to our van.

The kids ran and chased him and he was a cute little guy.  Then Orrin wanted to take him home, and we tried to explain that he wasn't our dog, and he looked at us with big, teary eyes and said, "PWEEEASE Daddy??"  Awwww.


The end.

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