Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wyatt love

So about this exact time one year ago, Brett and I were dashing off to the hospital to have this adorable boy.

My HEAVENS how much I love him!

I've decided that when your baby hits that stage of around 9/10 months until I don't know, a year and a half or so, it's like being in the newlywed stage of love.  It's just a burst-your-heart, rapturous, can NOT kiss and squeeze him enough feeling.   

And it's nice because at this stage, I feel so much reciprocity from Wyatt.  He smiles and bobs up and down when he sees me, he pats my back when I pick him up, and just generally always wants to be with me. 

And his cuteness--it kills me!!!!

Everyone else in the family is in love with him too.  Talmage especially is funny when expressing his love-- I'll hear him saying, "I'll never let you die, Baby," and variations of that.  He's said those things ever since he was born- 'I don't ever want Wyatt to die."  It's funny to me that that is how he conveys the ardor of his affection.

Jethro the other day was squeezing Wyatt and he said, "If you were any cuter we'd burn up."  I had to agree.

How will I ever live without a 1-year-old in my house?

 When I was writing a little belated Christmas letter, I was surveying the kids and one of the questions was why they are the luckiest, and several of the kids said some version of having Wyatt, and I did too.

Babies are special.  But Wyatt is the specialist.  :)

I love Wyatt more than I can say.


Steve and Katrina said...

Oh my gosh...I totally get you! These are my exact feelings towards Atticus. I just can't imagine not having a baby in the family.

I love love love the picture of Wyatt close up look at you. And I love the last one. So cute!

Kami said...

I have been in that stage with Nicolas. BUT I think it's ending. Of course he's hitting the 18 mo mark AND he wouldn't let me take a nap this afternoon but cried and kicked my door till I gave up. But until just recently that's exactly how I felt.

Rachael said...

I love this and your other post today! And my heavens, I don't know how I'll survive when I don't have a baby around anymore. I was telling Neil today that I'm kind of obsessed with Nathan (as I was kissing him all over his fat little face and he was giving me slobbery baby kisses back) and Neil was like, yeah, I'll say. You're totally right--this stage of babyhood is SO wonderful.

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