Saturday, January 25, 2014

Date and Chicken.

Brett and I went out on a date last night.  It was pretty exciting as I had a new shirt and new shoes to wear and I even curled my hair.  (Although I didn't realize it was rather frizzy.  Oh well.)  I wanted a picture of the whole outfit--including the shoe--but none really turned out that great and it was difficult because it was already 7:30 and completely dark.  ANyway.

So then I took a picture in the bathroom mirror, and when Brett walked by, I was like, "Yep, taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror."  And he said, "A selfie? They have a word for that now?"  I was thinking--where have you been the last few years, under a rock? :)

Anyway, I still think I'll have to dress up really nice in my spiffy outfit sometime when it's actually light out and I can get a picture that does it justice.

Brett and I rode his motorcycle to Bern.  It was very cold, but I was okay except for my knees.   Everything else I could hide behind Brett and stayed out of the wind mostly.  But my knees were so cold they kind of felt like they were burning.  But hey, when you don't have kids with you you gotta ride the motorcycle.  :)

 We met up with some friends Alex and Damaris (I explained to Damaris that in order to actually get out of the house we have to have a commitment to someone) and went to a cafe and Brett had some apple strudel (pictured below) and I had bruschetta and Alex and Damaris had fancy hot chocolates.

Then we took them on their first geocache ever in the Altstadt.  It was kindof fun because Brett had to use his pocket knife to get to the cache.

Wyatt helping me with dinner by shredding the zucchini.  With his teeth.  :)

He's so cute.

Jethro and his robot.


Hazel's string art.

Hazel has a little camera now and it's kind of funny what pictures she takes.  It's also interesting seeing myself in pictures.  Look--there I am cooking dinner.

And she found out all these things that I had no idea the camera could do-- like add pictures.  So she can take pictures of fingers and make them into faces. :)

This morning we did Saturday's work, Brett and I got into our seemingly-obligatory Saturday morning argument because he needs some sort of outside project, but doesn't have one, so he ends up completely revamping some part of our house which bothers me.  But anyway, we got over it quickly this time.  Then we had lunch and while we waiting for it to cook, we had a little punching practice, and I held up a couch cushion and Brett was punching it and it was practically knocking me over and then I crouched in a little ball and hid behind the cushion.  Then Brett held it for me and I was telling him that I think women just can't really hurt men and  that even if I punched as hard as I could he could pretty much brush it off, and then I did punch as HARD as I could and Brett said he thought I could hurt him.  Then I started going crazy punching and kicking and yelling and he ran away.  :)  Then I the littlest boys had naps and when they woke up we went and cleaned the church.  And on the way home we bought some Güggeli poulet.  Which means rotisserie chicken bought at a place that looks like this: 

Photo: Wir erneuern unsere Fahrzeugflotte und verkaufen deshalb per sofort ab Platz in Märwil TG für Export:

GRILL-FAHRZEUG (ohne Güggeli auf dem Dach und ohne Beschriftung), Jg. 2000, ca. 165'000 km, wie gesehen ab Platz, ohne Garantie.

Bei Interesse schicken wir gerne die Fahrzeug-Dokumentation zu. Einfach ein Mail schicken an: 
 When I was looking for the picture, I found this one.  I don't know what it means, but it's funny.


The guy who sold me the chicken even called me a schöne Frau, which means beautiful woman, which was actually more weird than complimentary.  But the chicken was delicious. The end.


Rachael said...

I love how Wyatt is (I think) sitting on the unlit stove in one of those pictures, because it totally looks like something I would let my kids do and my mom would be horrified if she saw it. (Apologies if I misconstrued the photo and you're a more protective mother than I.)

Lynn said...

Nice selfie! ; ) Seriously though...great date outfit. Love the colour of your hair. Envious here!

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