Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little bit of Vernal

Moving pipe.


No matter how many times we tried, the girls just couldn’t synch their jumps.  Ha ha. :)

IMGP5325 IMGP5326

Paislee, Sophie, Riata, Ethne, Hazel

IMGP5338 IMGP5340

The boys pretended at first that they didn’t want their pictures taken


but then of course they loved it. 


Jethro, Conner, Oscar

IMGP5366 IMGP5368 IMGP5370 IMGP5380 IMGP5381

We went to the stock show when Paislee and Riata showed their goats.  They were so super duper cute!!

IMGP5407 IMGP5417

I love this picture of Talmage and Orrin.



Missy said...

So so cute. Sometimes I don't really know what "American culture" looks like. But your photos capture the essence of The West, and it is so unique and lovely.

Nice to have you back, btw!

Andrea said...

Oscar, you have a great name, dude!

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