Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day in USA

I have a lot of catching up to do.  Shall we then?
Our flight to the US was long and long and long and otherwise very good.  I was so worried about Wyatt screaming massive amounts, but he just stayed latched on to me pretty much the whole time.  Brett took care of Orrin, the ipad took care of the boys, and the girls were profusive finger knitters.  :)
IMG_20130530_174551 IMG_20130530_174608
Brett’s mom and dad and sister Kristi and her husband Mason were at the airport when we got into Salt Lake and had very kindly brought our Suburban to us.  We drove to Megan’s house that night and were so so so so tired.  Like you feel like a ton of bricks tired. 
But the next morning we got to see our family!!  And we loved it!!!

Jethro spent the ENTIRE day riding the motorcycle around and around the house.  He got a pretty good sunburn on his arms and hands.
And Danica took the other kids around a few times on the Ranger.
Despite the looks on their faces, Orrin and Ruthie really enjoyed it. 
Lindsay and I took some pretty sweet pictures of ourselves.  Well, not actually.  My MOM took the pictures, we were IN the pictures.
IMGP5136  IMGP5156 IMGP5157
Orrin and Devaney found out they were best friends.
IMGP5171  IMGP5174
I think Devaney’s smile is SOOOO beautiful!!
Wyatt and Will found out they were best friends too!
Wyatt:  Simmer down buddy.
Wyatt: No, seriously dude, it’s not that exciting.
Wyatt:  That’s better.
Will:  I just can’t stop smiling!!  I just love you so much!
Danica and Mom.
Kiersten and Hazel found out they were best friends.  Forever.
Grandma saddled Maggie after Ethne begged her to.
IMGP5206 IMGP5210 IMGP5213
Talmage loved the trampoline.
And Anders.
IMGP5219 IMGP5222 IMGP5234  IMGP5245 IMGP5247
Orrin with Devaney and Harriet.
Pictures with the triplet boys- Wyatt, Oskar and Will.
IMGP5257 IMGP5266 IMGP5272 IMGP5291
Such a lovely day.  I miss everyone already!!! :(


Kami said...

Oh Happy day!!! Callooh! Callay! Thanks for posting. Our computer is now back so I'll post tonight.

Kami said...

I should have said,
Oh frabjous day!

Sarah Harward said...

Not going to lie, I was laughing out loud at the Wyatt and Will dialog. Glad you were able to have such a fun, family-filled, visit!! Also, I'm glad you're back to update your blog!

Steve and Katrina said...

So happy to see an update!! Not that I loved seeing your cute deer and fox pictures but I want to hear about your trip!!

Glad you survived the flights. Can't wait to see more pictures from your trip.

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