Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinosaur Quarry

Brett’s dad has a bus.  It makes it really handy for going places with a bunch of kids and grandkids.

Here’s Orrin and Sabree sitting on the bus. 


Such different type of landscapes than we’re used to!

IMGP5435 IMGP5441 

Here we are at the Dinosaur Quarry!


With lots of dinosaur bones.


This is a good example of how one must hold Wyatt in order for him to fall asleep.  Head in the crook of your arm, face buried into you.  Then you must hoppity-jog in a circle around the living room for about ten minutes and if you’re lucky, he’ll fall asleep and you can gently lay him down.  If he starts to wake up, keep jogging.


Anyway, back to dinosaur bones.


The kids all filled out the workbooks and became junior rangers.  This is them raising their arms to repeat the pledge of junior rangership.


Very serious business.

IMGP5463 IMGP5464

Here we all are (thanks Ranger for taking our picture).


Then we took the little hike back to the place where the parking lot is.  It’s really hot and dry and deserty in Utah.  I noticed that a lot.



There was a couple hiking a ways in front of us that spoke German, so I made Jethro go talk to them.  Because dude, we speak German too!  (And by we I mean not actually me. :) )

IMGP5486 IMGP5497 IMGP5498

So then when we got home the kids had to get into the water.

IMGP5506 IMGP5509

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Rachael said...

Hey, we went there too! I hope your kids were more excited than mine were...I think they thought they were going to be excavating a T-Rex skeleton or something like that.

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