Monday, August 26, 2013

Cool Cave and Big Rock Thingee

So another thing we did while we were in Vernal was go to the cave that Brett had gone to last summer without us.  

The Uintahs are very perty.

 It was only a short hike to the cave, but the last little bit down in was very steep and so Grandma stayed and waited with Baby while we went down.

 It was icy and very impressive.  The big icicle thing was so big!

 It was weirdly blue.

Brett and Jethro, Hazel, and Ethne stayed and explored the cave further while I took Talmage and Orrin back up.

Some guy on a four-wheeler came by and stopped for a minute.  He said he had a friend who went into the cave in the morning and went back into it all day long without reaching an end.  I don't know if that's a true story, but it's what he said.  You know what I think is cool about this cave?  It's amazingly awesome, but it's little-known and there's no one there charging admission or telling you not to touch or giving guided tours.  It's nice to just go somewhere for once and explore it a bit on your own.

Then Orrin drove us to a Oaks Park Lake.  (I like the name Oaks. :) )

We had lunch and then threw rocks in the water.

 The following excursion was on a different day, but I'm going to lump it into this post.  We drove to Josie's Cabin (which I don't actually have any pictures of) and on the way we stopped to climb rocks and look at petroglyphs.

Jethro, Conner, and Harleigh climbed up this HUUUUGE rock.  I stayed down with screaming Wyatt and watched them, and it was maybe the first time in my life I've had a small wave of heights-fear, because it was my child up there and not myself.

Do you see him standing there?!  (You can click the picture to make it bigger.)

Do you see the petroglyphs?

On the way home we ran out of gas, but luckily coasted to a gas station.  :)

The boys playing in the sprinklers.  They were shooting each other with them.

My cute baby looking a bit funny.  :)  And it's strange to see him so bald now that he has more hair.


Kami said...

I want to go to all those places. Very cool. Especially the petroglyphs. ANd the ice thing looks fake. If I saw it on a movie I would be think it was a stupid special effect. Guess I have to believe it, eh?

Christal said...

okay loved catching up!! That ice looks so cool!! Looks like you had a ton of fun home!!

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