Thursday, April 4, 2013

Catching the Up

So I'm writing this blog post in a different way to see if I like it better.

What has happened since the last time I posted?  Stuff (including some stuff I already posted on Facebook, so it will be a repeat for those on Facebook).

  • Jethro has been saving his money for a long time and wanted to get a Kindle with it.  He had about 60 dollars and was really close to being able to buy one when I mentioned it to a foxy lady in my ward, she said, "Well we have two and we don't use them, so before he buys one, have him talk to me."  So Jethro talked to her, and she sold him one for 20 bucks.  Jethro has since spent all of his time and money reading NEW books!!  He's a lucky kid.
  • I took the kids to Bauhaus (the Home Depot/Lowes type store) one Saturday morning for them to participate in the Kids Club thingee, and the lady who is in charge was so happy to see us, and she exclaimed over Wyatt and said how cute he was, and said she loved my kids, and they were always so good, and she had missed us over the couple months we had missed since Wyatt was born and things.  (She said all this in German, but I understood the gist- and Jethro added that she said she had missed them.)  It is soooo nice when people are happy over my children.  I mean, in Switzerland where 6 kids is just so incredible, it makes me happy each and every time someone is sincerely encouraging/happy towards them as a whole.  (Okay, to be honest I'm pretty happy when people gush over my kids, be it in Switzerland or Utah or anywhere.)
  • Brett says that Wyatt looks like me.
  • That reminds me, when I was in the hospital when Wyatt had RSV, there was another baby who had RSV who shared the room, and so I got to know his mother very well, since she spoke English very well and was nice and interesting and we were together for several days.  Anyway, she was pretty surprised that I had six kids, and she was there on a couple different occasions when a nurse would say 'Is this your first?' and then I would tell her I had six, and then she would proceed to make a gasping surprised face like a fish.  So one time I said to her, "Six to a Swiss person must be like what twelve would be to me."  And she said, "Yes, two kids is normal, three is modern, four is - they must REALLY like kids, and four is unthinkable."
  • Oh, that also reminds me of what someone said to me right after I had Wyatt.  It was my roommate's husband at the hospital right after I had Wyatt.  I asked them if it was their first baby and it was, and then he asked me if it was mine, and I said, "No, sixth." and he about fell over and gasped out, "Are you SURE??!!!"  Ha ha.  Yep, fairly certain. 

  • Orrin says more and more words every day.  It's so fun- he is such a funny kid.  I have been meaning for a long time to write about Hazel talking for him.  So, back when all he could say was pretty much yes or no (like way back in the summer), she would start asking him things, and he would nod or say no, and then she would INFER all these things that he mean, and then keep going further with it.  I'm not really explaining it well, I should have transcribed the conversation sometime, but anyway, she would infer all these things that he meant, just from herself saying more and more and him just nodding or not.  So Brett started saying, "What's that Orrin? Timmy fell down the well?"  Anyway, the whole thing was much funnier than my poor attempt to describe it.

  • So one night I said something to Brett about this person's blog, and he said, "Who's that?"   and I said, "The photographer who's going to take our pictures when we go to Utah."   And he said, "We ain't gettin no pictures taken!"   And I said, "Why do you think if you use incorrect grammar it will help your argument?"   and he said, "...It sounds more obstinate."
  •  So we have this book we use for scripture reading at night-- a BOM study guide thing, anyway, the other night it was on the topic of family history, and the book asked a couple questions.   'How much do you know about your ancestors?' and then it said to tell an inspiring story about one of your relatives.   So Brett asked the kids if any of them knew an inspiring story... and Jethro said he knew one.   And he said, "Once, Aunt Andrea fell in a pond and had leeches all over her body, and Aunt Megan was the only one who would pick them off."And we all agreed that that was, indeed, an inspiring story.   I'm glad I have such a heroic sister.

  • Last night the kids taught Orrin to answer the question 'What is your name?' with 'Havoc.'  So very apt.
  • So yesterday I told Talmage to clean his room, which was quite trashed. He comes skipping out a minute or two later and said he had finished it. I told him he could not have finished it in that amount of time, and went in, and sure enough- the main floor was clean, but everything was stuffed under the bed. So I pulled everything out from under the bed, and told him this time he had to actually put things where they go (as if this were the first time this concept were explained to him...), and brought in a garbage can so he could throw away the trash. He promptly comes out again and says he's done. So I look under the bed, and it actually looks pretty good. But then I turn around and spy, in the space between the open door and the wall-- everything. So, instead of just throwing the garbage into the garbage can, which was closer, he took it, along with everything else, behind the door. Boys are so... awesome.
  • Kids are pretty fascinating creatures, in that they can scale any height, overcome any obstacle, climb up into any cupboard in order to get something that they want, but are completely incapable of doing... ANYTHING to put that something BACK.
  • Orrin got a bad cold that made him wheeze and have a difficult time breathing.  Brett took him to the doctor and got him an inhaler thing, and he was much better by the next day.  Still has a super runny nose though.
  •  Jethro: You should know more about bazookas than just that they're a weapon.
Me: Why would I ever need to know more about bazookas?
Jethro: In case someone is shooting one at you.
Me: How would knowing more about them help me in that situation?
Jethro: If they are, you should run TOWARDS the person shooting you, because if you're by them, they'd have to kill themselves in order to kill you.
Okay, that was actually pretty good information. Beware, anyone wanting to shoot me with a bazooka. I know what to do.

  • At MukiDeutsch we dyed eggs the traditional Swiss way, which is putting flowers and herbs and leaves against the egg, wrapping it in a piece of nylons and boiling it in an onion skin bath.
  • Easter was a snowy SLUSHY weekend.  We tried going out for awhile, but it was just so so wet.


The Haws Family said...

Fun, fun. You need to post more so I have something to do while I'm ignoring my screaming daughter that is supposed to be falling asleep. Yup.

The Haws Family said...

The eggs were super awesome and I love the pictures of Wyatt with the white background and striped outfit.

Lynn said...

LoL! I can so totally relate to all your stories about people gasping and dying in response to your "Six kids" answer. I guess Canadians must be like the Swiss. Even church members.

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Easter eggs you did. So pretty! I'm going to try that next time. That is the vintage look I was hoping to find this year.

Rachael said...

So maybe it's just me, but I find it strangely hilarious to watch people's expressions when they ask me how many kids I have, or what pregnancy this is, etc. (And isn't it nice that everyone always assumes it's the first when you don't have kids with you? Like an unstated compliment. Although honestly, Kayli, you'll probably be sending Wyatt off to college and still look super young and hip!)

This morning when I was at the doctor I had the boys with me, and this woman looked at me sort of patronizingly and said, "I bet you're hoping this one is a girl, right?" and I said, "Well, it's a boy, but I already have two girls" and she gasped and said, "Wait--what--that means you have FIVE? FIVE?" and I was like, yeah, it's awesome.

Steve and Katrina said...

Just this past weekend my neighbor from Bulgaria was telling me about how they dye eggs in her country. She said they put leaves and put in in nylon and then dye it. She didn't mention boiled onion skin but she was saying how her mom always made really pretty eggs. I was wondering how it looked and your eyes are so pretty. That's cool.

I also love Wyatt's blue and white outfit. I love stripes on babies. And Brett is rockin' the pink and purple baby wrap:)

Miles Jackson said...

Oh gosh, I love reading about your cute family and seeing all the pictures.
Wyatt does look like you, and like previous posters have already said, I love the stripy outfit too. Cutest boy ever (oh wait, except my boy is pretty cute too! :)

So my neighbor is an old lady and one day she was telling me about her daughter. When she told me her daughter has six kids I totally gasped and had that same reaction that you probably get. Which is funny because I'm from Utah and a family of ten, but it's just super crazy to hear of an English non-Mormon family having that many kids!

Miles Jackson said...

Sorry, the above post was actually from Kris..... my husband doesn't stalk your blog or say words like 'cute'!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics. Fun eggs! they are beautiful. Orrin looks like you and he even raises his eyebrow like you- 2nd pic down from the ones starting with the blue striped pjs.
He is a doll. Love him and can't wait to meet him and hold and kiss him!!!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

I meant .......... Wyatt ...........!!!!Crazy me!!!!!

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