Monday, March 25, 2013

Cutest 2-year-old boy.

I love my Orrin.  He cracks us up all the time.  Just the other day he started saying names.  It’s quite difficult to try to spell it the way he says it, but Ethne is something like Affeee.  He will say Talmage and Hazel and Jethro, but not Wyatt.

He makes the greatest faces of any kid.

IMGP3398 IMGP3401

IMGP3408 IMGP3410

 IMGP3420 IMGP3422 IMGP3435

And those eyelashes are legit!


 IMGP3404 IMGP3451


Cutest smiley eyes ever!!

IMGP3456 IMGP3457 IMGP3459 IMGP3465 IMGP3460

And a quick picture of Ethne and Wyatt.

IMGP3481 IMGP3494 

And boys are weird.  So this lady randomly came to my door with a small pile of shirts and asked if I wanted them.  I had no idea who she was, she didn’t speak English nor did she introduce herself, but she showed me the size on the tag, and I said, “For Jethro maybe,” or something like that, and she nodded her head, so evidently she knew Jethro.  It was strange.  ANYWAY, I was having Jethro try on the shirts, and he had his head inside it and was fooling around a bit, and then Talmage came inside and saw him like that, and immediately –with no invitation, just at first glance—pulled his own head inside his shirt and went up to Jethro and started fighting him.  Funny boys.


Gosh I love pictures of my honey and my baby (in case you hadn’t noticed).


Rub-a-dub-dub, three boys in a tub!


And this was taken just this afternoon.  We called Ethne’s kindergarten teacher and asked if Talmage could come to school with her this afternoon (she only has afternoon on Mondays) and she said he could, so here he is going off to school with the girls.


The end.


Andrea said...

Those were some of the cutest pics you've ever posted of Orrin. Love the blue eyes. What a cutie patootie.

Lynn said...

What?! That is so cool! Wish we could do that here. Call the teacher and send more of the kids with the older ones to spend the day at her class. ; )

Seriously. That is so cool. Love learning about the ways of life over there. Looks like life is good for you lately. Wyatt is SO cute!

Missy said...

Haha, Do you ever get the feeling that everyone in your neighborhood knows who you are? I have strangers in my village ask me all the time how the baby is, but I swear I have never met them before. Or maybe I just have a terrible memory.

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