Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drawings and Art

  Jethro’s Art:

IMGP3543 IMGP3545 IMGP3546 IMGP3547 IMGP3548 IMGP3549

IMGP3550 IMGP3551


I pretty much love these scary dudes.  They have some great piercings, facial hair, and scars—what’s not to love?


Hazel’s Art:

Self portrait  (aren’t the eyes so nicely done?  I printed off a little eye drawing tutorial among other things and she had a lot of fun with them):


Another idea from pinterest- we all did these during general conference.  Jethro didn’t finish coloring his, and Ethne’s got lost, so their’s aren’t on here, but this is Hazel’s:


I love this drawing by Hazel.  It has herself (the upside down one), her friend Jamina on the right, Ethne on the far left with the turtle, a dolphin, a mermaid, a bird, a couple butterflies, a little fairy (up and to the left of the mermaid with purple wings), and the thing on the left that has large black eyes is an “air spirit”.  Oh, and a couple scribbles on the left courtesy of Orrin.


Another general conference work:


And Ethne’s:


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Kami said...

That is impressive artwork. I especially love the tanks.

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