Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I’m so very very happy –just EVER so glad—that I recently took these pictures of Orrin shown in this post



Because they’re adorable.  And they’re also the last pictures of him sporting a full mouthful of teeth (until his permanent ones grow in in 5 or so years).  The poor guy is still absolutely adorable, just in a snaggletooth kind of way.  Also, the dentist said some of his other teeth might turn black.  We shall see.  His career as a child model has been shot down before it could even begin.

To explain, on Sunday we were enjoying our nice relaxing conference day, and at around 5:00 or so, Orrin escaped and went down to our neighbor’s house.  I don’t like him to go there without asking me, so I told Jethro to go down and bring him back.  Orrin probably was not very happy to come home, or Jethro was just trying to save time by carrying him, but either way he was carrying him up the stairs and tripped and Orrin fell on his mouth.  He bit through his bottom lip, or at least very nearly all the way through, and he knocked out one of his top front teeth.  It is AMAZING how long the root is of a tooth that was not supposed to come out.  It’s amazing how hard he must have hit that stair for it to have come out!

Here are some pictures waiting in the hospital from Brett’s really terrible phone camera.

IMG_20130407_183739 IMG_20130407_185421 IMG_20130407_185435 IMG_20130407_193623

Brett and I went with him to the hospital and since he was so young and the cut was on his lip which they said means they wanted the stitching to be really nice, they decided they would put him under general anesthesia.  So Brett stayed with him and I went home for the night.

Brett said they operated at about 3:00 am because they had a couple other surgeries to do first.  The surgeon stitched his lip on the inside and the outside, as well as some of his gums. 

I came the next morning at about 7:30 and saw him in his bed asleep, so little and sad-looking.  :(  He woke up in a while and I stayed for a while until about 8:15, when I went upstairs because I had already had an appointment at the hospital that morning for Wyatt.  Wyatt has inguinal hernias, just as Talmage and Orrin did, and he is scheduled for surgery this coming Monday morning.  They got him in so quickly because we will be leaving to the States, and so I spoke with the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and another doctor came in and gave him an examination.  Then I walked back downstairs to Orrin’s room again, where they took out his IV and we went home.

It’s times like these that I am just SOOOOO grateful for hospitals and doctors and surgeons and all nurses and medication.  I would ABHOR being a doctor, but I’m so glad some people like to be doctors.

Orrin was pretty amazingly tough through all of this, and he was even jumping/skipping around a bit that first evening home.  He looks, however, pretty horrible.  His lip is awful and huge and his face is swollen a bit too, and he looks uncannily like a monkey.  He also drools about 4 gallons of drool a day, which is good because he doesn’t like us to clean off his lip after he eats his yogurt or applesauce.

These pictures are from yesterday.  Oy.

IMGP3759IMGP3765  IMGP3767 IMGP3769 IMGP3771

I actually think his new look is really cute too—I mean, his grin is just so happy.  Kind of painfully cute.

IMGP3779 IMGP3782 IMGP3788  IMGP3791

I love love love love love my Orrin!

IMGP3798 IMGP3802

And now I really am making a category called Blood and Gore.


Anonymous said...

He does look a little sore and swollen. Luckily the cuts and bruises around the mouth heal quickly. And hopefully his other teeth will be just fine. Hang in there girl.... you have had a lot on your plate lately. It's good that the kids are on spring break and can help with the baby a bit for you while you take care of Orrin ---as if he would let you -----!!! ahahahaa.
Love you lots. Miss you. Mom

Isa said...

Oh my Lord, poor little guy...

Shelane said...

Josh bashed his front tooth out when he was three, only on the trampoline. And hey, Orrin's fat little lip makes him look a little more like jethro!

Anonymous said...

Poor Orrin - he is still adorable. Megan

Christal said...

Poor boy!! He is still the cutest little guy ever though wow what a tough boy!! Did you get your package yet?? That takes forever eh!!

Lynn said...

Ditto to everything your mom said! Oh and....."OUCH!" Poor Orrin.

Rachael said...

Oh man! Your kids definitely have had some exciting adventures (but through it all they retain their adorableness!). I hope Wyatt's surgery went well--that's the type of hernia I had when I was pregnant with Isaac so I always feel an extra twinge of sympathy when you post about those surgeries for your boys...

Andrea said...

Argh--you need to post a warning before exposing me to pictures like that. I'm way too postpartum. And prone to crying and being too sympathetic to pain in any form. Yikes.

I do have to admit, though, that I'm deeply glad that it is Orrin and not Harriet. I know, I know--not charitable at all, but a boy can pull it off so much better than a girl. He will wind up looking all Huck Finnish (I plan on calling him Huck now) but Harriet would not. So--can I be forgiven?

Andrea said...

My kids want to know if he got money from the tooth fairy for his tooth.

emily ballard said...

poor boy. . . that lip is way sadder than not being able to ever see the lookout :)

Sarah Harrington said...

Holy cow! You guys have been through a lot lately! Do you feel like you've been just living at the hospital?? I was just reading a couple of your posts (and ironically the link to Ethne's fall last summer was at the bottom so I read that too)and they all have reference to how someone was hurt and you were at the hospital again. NOT FUN. Well I hope everyone is doing better now and you stay away from the hospital for a good long time. And poor little Orrin, but at least it wasn't anything totally permanent so interfere with his lifetime of being adorable (he really is so cute!)

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