Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Kite and Things.

DSCF8065  DSCF8062  DSCF8083  IMGP3815

I love Wyatt in this cute little hat knitted by Kristi.  :)  He makes the sweetest little sleeping gnome ever!!

DSCF8087 DSCF8089 DSCF8091  

We borrowed our neighbor’s kite and went to the lookout to fly it.  It was soooo windy.

DSCF8094 DSCF8096 DSCF8098 DSCF8100 DSCF8102 DSCF8104 DSCF8114   DSCF8120 DSCF8121 DSCF8129  DSCF8135 DSCF8142


Andrea said...

I know it is fun to speak the same language as your neighbors and all but how will you stand it to leave??? It is so gorgeous there.

emily ballard said...

the lookout is beautiful...kinda sad to think i might not ever see it.

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