Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mostly Wyatt. :)

This kid is gorgeous.  I’m in love with him.  I love his yawn (and those forever long eyelashes! (That reminds me, once when Brett and I were dating, I told him I liked his eyelashes and he said, “I never knew girls looked at eyelashes.”))


I love his pretty blue eyes!


IMGP3852 IMGP3855

Whoa, eyebrows up!

IMGP3856  IMGP3869 

Orrin, caught red-handed in the Nutella.


Amy sent us another Flat Stanley, so we took it to the cow of course.


IMGP3889 IMGP3890 IMGP3892

What a bunch of cuties!


Wyatt at three months old.

IMGP3948 IMGP3958 IMGP3964

In his Sunday best.

IMGP3976 IMGP3977 IMGP3981

And more gnome-boy—cause he’s so cute!


IMGP3992 IMGP3993


The Haws Family said...

Your hair is SO long and beautiful! (your non-robot-prover always gets the best of me at least once)

Andrea said...

He does look like you. So cute!

Christal said...

Ha ha nutella and Karsen always seem to find each other all hours of the day too! No matter where I hid it! and W is so so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic with the 4 kids by the barrel. they are so cute. And I love the pic of Wyatt in his #36 shirt (the big one). He is absolutely adorable. He is so cute. He reminds me so much of you in your baby pics.

And your hair IS long. Beautiful girl.
Love you, Mom

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