Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Before Wyatt got sick, we convinced Brett to take Friday off of work and we went to Papiliorama, which is a bit like a zoo.  It has three main houses/exhibits.  One is the Nocturama and had bats and sloths and porcupines and a giant anaconda and other animals and it is dark like it is night.  I wasn’t really a fan of going in the bat cave and having bats flying near me. 


Then there was the Jungle Trek which is supposed to be an exact copy of the Nature Reserve in Belize.  I walked in and couldn’t take any pictures for a long time because my camera lens fogged up.  It felt rather like a summer day in Indiana.  :)


Oh, yeah, Hazel’s best friend Jamina and her parents came too.

IMGP2433 IMGP2448 IMGP2461 IMGP2468IMGP2472 IMGP2469

Then there was the Butterfly Garden which had tons and tons of butterflies fluttering all over.  As soon as we walked in, this one landed on Hazel.


There were some really beautiful blue ones, but I could never get a picture of how pretty they are because it seemed like they were always flying, and when they did stop and sit for a minute, they closed their wings and the outside of their wings are just dull brown. 

IMGP2484 IMGP2507 IMGP2510 IMGP2511

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