Monday, March 18, 2013

Middle of March Stuff.

The other day Orrin pushed all the chairs into a line and made a train, and then he pushed them into a line (side-by-side instead of front-to-back) and made a bridge.  He was very proud.  The kids had a great time walking back and forth on it.  Can you spot Jethro on the couch reading?  He’s always reading.



At the breakfast table one bright morning.

IMGP3058 IMGP3059

I found a matching shirt in Wyatt’s size at the second-hand store, so obviously I had to buy it.  Pictures with a baby and a two-year-old in them are… awesome.  :)

IMGP3065 IMGP3068 IMGP3087 IMGP3089 IMGP3099

Wyatt turned two months old!!  And he is such a handsome man!


I love these cute little pants.


The kids had out some of our tourist maps and were looking at them, and then one of the kids- I forget which, maybe Ethne?- said, “Look, Grandma and Jethro are on this map.”  Of course that was pretty impossible, so we all took a look, and man, it really DOES look like it could be Grandma and Jethro!  It’s a pretty small picture in real life, and when you look really close, you can tell that it’s not them, but it’s a pretty good resemblance.  (Mom, you didn’t come here last summer on the sly and take Jethro on the rodelbahn, did you?)


Oh Talmage.  That kid is fun and funny.  Today a few times when I told him to do something, like pick up his mittens, he said, “At your service.” (Of course, when he says it, it sounds more like ‘at yo dovis’) ha ha.



This a picture of 1) what the weather was doing this morning and 2) what our “house” looks like.  When my mom came to visit, and we were walking up to our apartment she said, “Oh, I didn’t know that this is what your apartment looks like—you never took a picture of the front of it, just the farm view.”  And then just recently someone else said that she forgot that I lived in an apartment.  So, this is the view from the window above my kitchen sink, and our own apartment looks just like it.  (Though this is the back of the apartment, not the front.  The front is even less interesting.)


More pictures of Wyatt.  Because he’s my baby and he’s cute.


And also, he makes very funny faces.  :)

IMGP3301 IMGP3303 IMGP3304 IMGP3309IMGP3305 IMGP3306

Talmage the photobomber!

IMGP3310 IMGP3312 IMGP3315

Do you guys realize I have three little boys at home with me?

IMGP3316 IMGP3317

Hey bro, hold still while I drive my car on your head.


Hazel’s going to be such a good mom some day.  She’s already got the multi-tasking thing down. 


The end. 


The Haws Family said...

I liked the last picture of the matching shirts...its better than I've done with a newborn and a 19 mo old. I'm glad to see that it really is as hard as i think it is. And Hazel is BEAUTIFUL and her hair is so pretty in that picture. And your milk jug and bowls are square...which is interesting. And I like that you have 3 little boys at home. I always wanted all boys. I love the picture of Wyatt right before the black and white one. It is hilarious. It looks like he is thinking "Why in the world are you tormenting me like this? I can't even keep my eyes open!" Haahaa.

Kami said...

I love the picture of Hazel! And all the superhero shirt ones. And the photobomber ones. The end.

emily ballard said...

Good to see your house :) That picture of Talmage literally made me smile. What a cute little boy!

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