Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back again.

I’ve been gone.  On Tuesday night late, Wyatt went to the hospital because of RSV.  I told him just because his cousin Will does something doesn’t mean he has to as well.  Besides, he’s three weeks older and should know better.
DSC08196 DSC08197
Maybe some time I’ll fill in with details.  But today he came home from the hospital and I am just so happy and I had a good day with my whole family  so I will just tell you about that.
We ate lunch and then bundled up and went outside.
Jethro threw snowballs at everybody.
Orrin was slightly ornery at first because he didn’t take a nap.  But then he got happier.
Talmage told me to get out of the way, then he ran down the road.
Then I ran with him.  It felt SOOO good.  I feel like I’ve been squeezed in and I was finally getting out and breathing again.  I guess being in a hospital for several days will do that to you.  And in case you didn’t know, fresh air and some physical activity are good for you.
Then Orrin wanted to run down the road, so Brett helped him/carried him.
IMGP2531 IMGP2532
Look—all FIVE of my men in one picture (not that you can actually see Wyatt, but he’s there).
IMGP2536 IMGP2539
Brett caught us a beast and hauled it home for dinner.
We looked at cows.
Then we bought some milk and drank it.
Orrin was a big fan.
Then we looked at horses and petted them.  This one wanted to sniff my camera.
IMGP2550 IMGP2553  IMGP2556
IMGP2562 IMGP2564
Then we came home and Brett and I made chicken pot pie for dinner.  And it was good.  And it made us tired.
Then Jethro and I made hot fudge pudding and we ate it for dessert.  It was good too.  And it made Orrin tired.  He was actually sleeping while still spooning bites to his mouth.  It was very funny.  And then he just couldn’t hold his head up any more and laid it down and started snoring. 
Good day.


Andrea said...

I was wondering if Wyatt was home yet. I'm glad he's back and that you had a lovely day. Maybe I should go make brownies or something to celebrate. That would impress my man. Then again, my man shaved so I'm not really so interested in impressing him right now. Sniff.

Lynn said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your little man back in the hospital. Glad he is back home again.

Kami said...

I love the picture of Orrin at the end. And Wyatt is so cute. He has a unique look to him. I guess all your kids look different from each other, especially the boys, but anyway, he's cute.

Steve and Katrina said...

Oh Kayli, I'm so sorry to hear you had to deal with the hospital again. That's terrible. It's no fun having your baby in the hospital. Glad he's home now and hopefully he can just grow and be healthy and you can have a normal family life finally.

You are so right about a little exercise and fresh air. I just told my family that on Saturday after I got home from running and it was snowing on me and I felt so refreshed. I told them exercise makes you tired but makes you feel so so so good.... because I was dragging my feet and complaining getting out the door.

Anyway, love when kids are sleeping and still trying to eat. It's always so hilarious.

Christal said...

So glad he is doing better that poor baby!And you guys! Glad you got out too! Cabin fever is strong here too:( Always good to get fresh air and run!! Love reading your adventures as usual:) Getting that package out to you right away:)

nicole said...

Boo on RSV. Roz tried it out too. And I love all the sleeper pictures. Hilarious.

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